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Resultify now joins Connect as a partner

There is enormous power in knowing rather than guessing.

For many companies, basing decisions and choices on data rather than emotion or perception is the key to success and growth.

The results agency Resultify from Malmö now joins Connect as a partner to support both the business community and Skåne’s startups with extensive experience and expertise in data-driven marketing.

Data is the new oil

Resultify is a results agency. This means that they care about the client’s business and business goals in a different way than traditional marketing agencies. They either support or step in as the client’s marketing department, but do so from a holistic perspective where marketing, sales, leads and data-driven insights are all connected.

A timely partnership

There are trends in everything and at Connect we often notice major market changes reflected in the challenges startups face. One example of this is the power hidden in data, or rather, as a business, keeping track of what your users and customers are doing and thinking to create the results you want to achieve.

“At Connect, we meet super exciting companies, many of which have a rock-solid grasp of their data, but others are in dire need of good insight and the ability to make data-driven decisions. That’s exactly why it’s great that Resultify in particular has chosen to partner with Connect.

Their focus on creating results through data and insights is particularly interesting because data-driven decisions benefit investors, startups and the market, but also ultimately society at large,” says André Johansson, CEO Connect Sweden Region South.

By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Robert Bråkenhielm is the founder and CEO of Resultify and an entrepreneur himself, having run larger companies for many years before Resultify took its current form.

“I am very much driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and have run several companies myself for many years. Over the year I have sat on a number of skills panels where the energy has been high and we get to contribute our skills to give other entrepreneurs the chance to grow and create results. Being able to participate in this kind of context is great fun and we look forward to the continuation of a good start.”

The collaboration is already taking off in May with exciting opportunities for those who want to learn more about how to build growth using insights grounded in data. Resultify’s first knowledge seminar with Connect will take place in Malmö on 25/5 and the same kind of expertise and knowledge will be shared with startups through the Connect Investment Readiness Program throughout the year.

Connect is proud and excited about the partnership and looks forward to a strong, fruitful collaboration going forward.

“Partnering with Connect feels great. If we can get more and strong companies, it will definitely benefit the region. We believe that we can contribute to that,” concludes Robert Bråkenhielm.


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