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Real News PR: A Startup Revolutionizing the Short-term Rental Market

In today’s uncertain financial climate, investors are searching for safe places to put their assets. With inflation soaring, stocks plunging, and interest rates at a 20-year high, the short-term rental market is proving to be a safe haven for investors. However, managing properties, attracting guests, and complying with the changing rules of different listing sites is a challenge that many investors struggle with. Enter Real News PR, a startup that aims to revolutionize the short-term rental market by providing professional real estate and concierge services, property management, and legal support.

The Story of Real News PR

Real News PR was founded by Ramiro and Laura with the aim of generating income for investors and altering the real estate industry. Since its inception, Real News PR has been breaking down walls, plunging into investment realms that bring clients profitable and successful results. With its unique approach to real estate investments, Real News PR has made a powerful impact in the industry, helping redefine what is possible for investors.

Financial Wealth Builders

Real News PR helps investors keep their investment at the highest rates of return, with cap rates over 20% easily achievable. Cap rates are calculated by dividing the net operating income (NOI) by the property’s current market value. Real News PR offers high returns on investment (ROI) or real estate investment (REI) that far exceed what most investors are used to. In fact, their ROI is easily in the 20s on average and more.

Management Solutions

Real News PR offers minimal-to-no owner involvement, providing direct property management to any specific client or project. They offer not only overflow housing but rather preferred housing to both families and corporations. The property management is all-inclusive, including marketing, revenue management, and guest management experiences. With a hands-off investor portfolio and hands-on returns, Real News PR provides risk mitigation and higher profit potential spread across a portfolio of properties.

Lower Fees

Real News PR offers lower management fees than its competitors, such as Evolve and VACASA. While other management fees usually run 50-75%, Real News PR is only 20-25% with full concierge services. They also provide simplified cash-flow investments, making the investment process easy for their clients.

The Team

Real News PR has a combined high team of experienced 5-star hospitality experts, international real estate leadership, commercial real estate, and sales marketing expertise. They also require identification confirmation, car registrations, and sex offender background checks for all guests, ensuring that guests are of the highest caliber.


Real News PR is revolutionizing the short-term rental market by providing a unique approach to real estate investments. With its hands-off investor portfolio and hands-on returns, minimal-to-no owner involvement, and lower fees than competitors, Real News PR is helping redefine what is possible for investors. Their commitment to community improvement, risk mitigation, and higher profit potential spread across a portfolio of properties sets them apart from their competitors. If you are an investor looking for a safe haven to put your assets, Real News PR is the startup you should definitely check out.

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