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PwC Greece: the contribution to the development of the Greek innovation ecosystem

PwC Greece contributes to the development of the Greek innovation ecosystem and the development of entrepreneurial ideas through targeted actions and initiatives.

In this context, PwC strongly supports Elevate Greece, the Greek Government’s initiative aimed at strengthening, developing and extroverting the Greek innovation ecosystem.

Specifically, from February to June 2021, PwC Greece has been actively involved in supporting and mentoring start-ups that join the Elevate Greece programme, through specially designed consultancy seminars.

In particular, through the design and delivery of 17 seminars, 23 company executives interacted with 86 startups, helping to upgrade the skills of 126 members in these startups.

The trainings cover a wide range of business topics related to the modern digital environment and are tailored to the needs of the startups. Among others, the topics include: Business plan design and fundraising, information and data security, legal principles for small and medium enterprises, finance for non-financial.

At the same time, PwC executives supported Elevate Greece participants with mentoring services for more effective guidance based on specific needs.

The company’s contribution as an official supporter is crowned with the awarding of a cash prize to one of the top start-ups, as they will emerge at the Elevate Greece National Start-up Entrepreneurship Awards, which will be held onSaturday, 11 September at the Thessaloniki International Fair. Also, George Kollidas, Advisory Partner, Technology Leader, PwC Greece, will give a presentation on “Growth Strategy for Startups – September 11, 2013, at the Thessaloniki Exhibition Centre, Greece. Business-led, Technology-enabled” at the Elevate Greece booth at the TIF on Monday 13 September at 20.30.

Kyriakos Andreou, Advisory Leader, PwC Greece, says. We are particularly proud of our participation in initiatives such as Elevate Greece, which was launched by the Deputy Minister of Development & Economic Affairs. Investments Mr. Christos Dimas, which are not only limited to the financial support of start-ups but also to equip their members with the necessary skills for their business consolidation in the market. Our participation with an award in the National Start-up Entrepreneurship Awards of the Elevate Greece initiative makes us very happy as it makes us part of the start of the entrepreneurial journey”.

In addition to Elevate Greece, PwC supports the Greek ecosystem with a range of actions aimed at encouraging and developing entrepreneurship and innovation. In previous years, new businesses have emerged through PwC’s support of the Antivirus Crowdhackathon, which was organised by the Region of Attica in collaboration with the technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy, and is the first remote innovation marathon organised in Greece for digital applications and methodologies trying to address the consequences of the pandemic.

At the same time, the company also participated in the Visa Innovation Program, which aims to develop and enhance innovative ways of digital payments while improving the experience of online transactions and shopping for consumers and merchants by providing online mentoring sessions workshops on legal, tax and employment issues.

In the same context, PwC supported with a series of seminars the Start School of Business, a digital skills training programme for small, medium and start-up businesses, under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens and in collaboration with SocialInnov. In addition, the company actively participated in the Spark Accelerator, an initiative of Found.ation that supports early-stage startups in Greece.

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