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Provider comparison: The best backlink tools

Nowadays, no company can do without backlink tools. For this reason, we have researched and compared the best backlink tools on the market.

  • Linkly
  • Semrush
  • Pitchbox
  • JotURL

The top backlink tools


Especially the development of short links with own branding and click tracking is easy to do through Linkly. Redirects and the use of retargeting pixels are also a big part of this backlink tool. Moreover, mailto, -tel and SMS links can also be shortened. Furthermore, users* can be redirected by device, country or using link rotator. A function for A/B testing is also integrated and click fraud can also be minimized through the additional ReCaptcha function, as this, as well as search bots, can be diagnosed and identified through it. Additionally, Linkly also offers free SSL certificates and UTM tags. Specifically, the UTM tags ensure that clicks and conversions can be tracked via Google Analytics, without any coding. Another advantage of this backlink tool provider, is the function through which data can be automatically transferred from Linkly to Google Sheets. Add-ons for Zapier, Chrome and Firefox are also available through this tool. The Plus version of Linkly can be tested for 14 days.


  • Basic: free (250 links/1000 clicks per month).
  • Plus: $29/month


Semrush includes various applications that simplify working with backlinks. It also offers toolkits for content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and competitive research. In particular, the SEO toolkit includes backlink features in this case. At this point, specific, as well as international, keywords can be researched and backlink audits, domain and SEO analyses can be performed, tracked and evaluated. Besides these functions, there is also the backlink audit tool, which checks the backlinks for toxicity, i.e. examines which of the incoming links add harm to the ranking. As you would expect, there is also a connection with Google Search Console so that even more backlinks can be scanned. The domains themselves can be organized by attribute and sorted by type (follow, no-follow, sponsored, user-generated), so that it can be estimated to what extent the respective backlinks influence the ranking. The Content Marketing Toolkit, on the other hand, is designed to support SEO by indicating which topics and content are relevant to the relevant target audience.


  • Pro (freelancers, startups, enterprises): $99.95/month.
  • Semrush Guru (SMEs & growing businesses): $191.62/month
  • Business (agencies & companies with large web presence): $374.95/month


What makes Pitchbox special is that it is not just a backlink tool, but also serves as an outreach platform. Through this feature, bloggers, webmasters and influencers can be found and managed in the respective niche. In addition, Pitchbox offers features for guest posts and product reviews and helps identify backlinks that are broken. Furthermore, preferred SEO metrics are integrated into one’s inbox by means of an SEO email client. Link building is also covered, as optimized CRM functions are provided for this purpose. Last but not least, integrations for Slack, Zapier, Google Data Studio, SEMRush, Moz and Outlook are also provided and clearly defined reports show campaign performance, team activities, KPIs and goals.


– Customized upon request


JotURL’s features are versatile. It offers functions for remarketing, tracking, link management, calls-to-action and analytics. In addition, users can add a call-to-action to any shared link or content to immediately refer to the corresponding website through the content and links that are shared. JotURL also makes it possible to track not only page views and clicks, but also conversions and sales generated. This in turn makes it possible to find out which affiliate links are best received. Retargeting links and A/B testing can of course also be performed using the software. The software itself is available after a 14-day free trial via annual or monthly payments.


  • Basic (annual payment): 7€/month
  • Pro: 55€/month
  • Business: 135€/month



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