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Project Incubarium is an online game that was developed by Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel, Creative Director of RGB IDEA GROUP in 2020.

Project Incubarium is an online game that was developed by Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel, Creative Director of RGB IDEA GROUP in 2020.

120 min is all that needed for the development of your creative thinking.

This is a game for everyone who wants to understand how to transform an idea into a ready-made business solution. More than 12 games were held, as a result of which the finalists of the game were able to launch their business projects. Every participant had the opportunity to figure out what is idea, branding, video advertising, as well as pitching, and the factors it is based on. Creative directors, designers, entrepreneurs, producers, and other talented people from all over the world (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Poland, Germany etc.) participated in that training.

12 groups of students have found out:

  • how to come up with an idea;
  • how to develop creative intelligence;
  • how to create your brand;
  • how to create ads simply and affordably;
  • how to present your idea to a potential investor.

Each lesson of the Project Incubarium included:

  • five experts who presented the tools to achieve the goals;
  • five workshops in the format of master classes with specific tasks;
  • exam;
  • juries who determined the most successful work and made a detailed analysis of it in front of the students;
  • a list of literature and additional tools for self-development.

The professional jury collegium included: leading marketers, investors, photographers, creatives, and industry leaders. All of them used the next criteria to choose the best project. 

  • a clear idea of the project;
  • the mission of the project is described and formulated and the meaning of the branded elements of the project is described;
  • the strengths of the project were identified;
  • an idea for launching an advertising campaign was formulated;
  • the student was able to present his idea in 30 seconds and convey the main meaning of his project.

The game was based on the development of creative intelligence. This format not only revealed the basics of how to create a product but also gave an understanding of how to test any entrepreneurial hypothesis and create a business of your life. Creative intelligence is one of the three types of intelligence, including intuition and the ability to make new connections between certain events and/or experiences.

There are several stages of creative intelligence development. It is important to understand them to form a favorable environment for launching an idea. These stages are:

  1. Modeling – a transformation of an idea or a fantasy into a solution;
  2. Transformation – understanding of form, color, and content;
  3. Fiction – understanding the scale of the idea. At this stage, we can talk about strategy and development, social life, or conditions for the idea realization;

Additionally, for the development of creative intelligence, it is important to apply synthesis, to combine the incompatible, and to combine different sources. Synthesis Example: houseboat, sushi pizza, centaur…

Lots of technologies. 

In the online game, Incubarium created conditions for the implementation of any creative and mind-blowing ideas. Those conditions are made in a simple form, understandable to anyone.

Also, the Incubarium project for children is currently in development. How to transform a child’s fantasy into a life calling, and how to work with children’s mental health? Don`t miss these topics in the nearest future!

Author: Noa Klymar


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