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Prevlly creates preventative decubitus patches. Innovation improves patients’ standard of living

What does Prevlly do?

PREVLLY is a Polish company, which was established out of necessity and passion. Our product – an intelligent preventive anti-decubitus patch is a breakthrough in the medical market and a milestone in improving the standard of life of millions of patients struggling with the problem of decubitus ulcers around the world.

Prevlly is realized together with Mateusz Torun, COO and Rafal Mazur, CMO.

Mateusz is a legal advisor with extensive experience. He is a specialist in supporting startups and an activist for the promotion and development of modern business ecosystems. Working on Prevlly is a mission for him.

Rafał Mazur is an orthopedic doctor with extensive experience. Author of numerous medical articles and member of clinical research teams. Repeatedly awarded for his commitment, including the Scholarship of the Minister of Health. Working on Prevlly project helps him to realize his ambitions.

What is the innovativeness of your solution?

In response to a growing need, we have created a product that prevents bedsores. Our PREVLLY patch is a technologically advanced, comprehensive, preventative pressure ulcer patch. It is innovative on a global scale in that the product, due to its properties, reaches all known factors that cause the formation of bedsores. It is a comfort for patients as well as a support and relief for caregivers.

Electrostimulation is well known, but its use for pressure ulcer prevention therapy is a new application model. There was no equivalent on the market, so as engineers we worked on a completely new product concept. We started the project by studying the pressure of the body on the floor while lying down to select the appropriate electrode systems. In addition, we designed a user-friendly electrostimulator.

How did the idea to create a preventative decubitus patch come about?

It was a personal story that was the driving force – it all started a few years ago when my dad became ill. Looking for a solution, the idea for Prevlly appeared – an innovative product that is a breakthrough in the prevention of pressure sores.

What kind of a threat to health are bedsores? Statistics are unrelenting – about 2 percent of people around the world suffer from bedsores.

It is a serious health threat for immobilized patients and a real challenge for their caregivers, but most of all it is a huge therapeutic problem for qualified medical staff. Therefore, according to the principle: prevention is better than cure, proper prophylaxis should be the key to success.

A decubitus ulcer is a limited necrosis of tissues resulting from blood circulation disturbances caused by prolonged or repeated pressure on the patient’s body, and consequently on venous and arterial vessels. The condition can affect the epidermis, the entire thickness of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and bones. The surrounding area is usually inflamed and there are often pus-filled recesses reaching in different directions, sometimes for a long distance.

The problem of bedsores mainly affects bedridden patients who have difficulty in moving. As a result of prolonged pressure on the skin and subcutaneous tissue and the action of abrasive forces, blood circulation disorders, cell death, tissue necrosis and ulceration occur in such patients.

Have there been effective prevention methods so far?

Prevention methods are few and their effectiveness is questionable. Bedsores are painful and long-healing wounds. Prevention methods are very few and treatment is very tedious, long and expensive. Until now, there was no equivalent on the market, so we worked on a completely new product concept. We started the project by studying the pressure of the body on the ground while lying down, in order to select the appropriate electrode systems. Additionally, we designed a user-friendly electrostimulator.

What do we gain thanks to Prevlly?

A technologically advanced, complex, preventive anti-decubitus patch. The innovation on a global scale consists in the fact that PREVLLY, through its functionalities and properties, reaches all known factors causing the formation of bedsores and thus stimulates the user’s body to active reaction and defence. None of the existing prevention methods is so comprehensive and does not cause active work of the exposed person’s body.

carries out a project co-financed by European Funds
“Prevlly – an innovative anti-bedsore plaster”.

The material was created in cooperation with Prevlly.


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