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Offices are an expression of the corporate culture

What will the workplaces of the future look like? Will home offices or coworking spaces prevail? Will classic offices experience a renaissance? Probably three times yes, because the working world of the future is agile, flexible and reflects the respective corporate philosophy. Alfred Müller AG creates working and living spaces – and customers benefit from this in a modern working world where boundaries are becoming increasingly fluid.

Digitalisation, globalisation, the sharing economy and technological progress are fundamentally changing organisational forms and employment relationships and overturning structures that have been in place for decades. New worlds of work are emerging, with pronounced diversity and individuality as characteristics. But there are also commonalities in the diversity.
As a counter-design to a certain alienation caused by digitalisation, workplaces are being created today in such a way that people meet, come together, work together and thus create something new. Examples of this are coworking spaces, workplaces open to encounters, which can be rented by individuals or companies for daily, weekly or monthly flat rates in office communities. As a leading real estate company, Alfred Müller AG has made a name for itself in this area and has created ideal environments for start-ups with coworking labs in Burgdorf and Zug, for example.

Work and life merge

In general, people today feel comfortable in a working environment that is also a bit living, i.e. where you don’t know exactly whether it’s an office, a lounge or even a flat. Rooms should function well, but also radiate a nice atmosphere. This can be, for example, a simple mix of classic offices that provide peace and quiet, as well as corners, niches and hubs that promote exchange.
New types of office concepts go one step further with open workplaces around which landscapes of meeting, collaboration, retreat and lounge spaces are created. Town halls, places of communication can be just as much a part of this as cafeterias or small kitchens. The more open the design of workspaces, the more additional space must be available for concentrated work, meetings, informal exchanges, etc.

Always on the pulse of time

In addition to the spatial design, the finishing also plays an important role. For example, acoustics is a very important issue, especially in the Open Spaces, the open office areas. Textile floor coverings, curtains, ceiling modules and sound absorbers can provide a pleasant acoustic working atmosphere.
Offices are an expression of the corporate culture. With numerous new projects, Alfred Müller AG is always very close to the pulse of time and knows current and future requirements for working and living spaces. And finds optimal solutions. It is the ideal partner for creating perfectly functioning rooms full of life for the respective corporate culture.


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