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New US Patent Propels Inspira Technologies Ahead in the $20 Billion Respiratory Care Arena

Inspira Technologies OXY BHN Ltd. (Nasdaq: IINN), a trailblazer in the development of medical equipment tailored for acute respiratory care through direct blood oxygenation bypassing the lungs, has attained a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its pioneering respiratory medical gadget, the INSPIRA ART500. This milestone potentially earmarks Inspira as a key player in the bustling $20 billion respiratory care domain.

Inspira’s chief executive, Dagi Ben-Noon, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This patent approval represents a further recognition of our unique solution alongside a major milestone towards the INSPIRA ART500 system and building a global medical solution.”

The recent patent awarded is for an automated self-priming module designed specifically for the INSPIRA ART500 device. This advanced module aims to enhance patient safety by ensuring an emboli-free connection to the patient’s vascular system, thereby aiming to reduce the risks related to clot formation and impeded blood flow. The patent covers nine distinct claims and is recognized for its innovation, inventive merit, and practical applicability. Outside the US, Inspira has begun the process of filing patent applications in Europe and several other regions.

In a sector that extends its services to an overwhelming 20 million patients each year, this innovation is a colossal stride forward. Many of these patients, dependent on mechanical ventilation setups, often grapple with risks and medical challenges tied to such systems. The INSPIRA ART500 is on the threshold of instigating a transformative wave by potentially minimizing the necessity for mechanical ventilation systems, notorious for a 50% mortality rate and for heightening the risk of coma, bacterial infections, and concomitant lung damages.

A few weeks prior to this patent acquisition, Inspira captured attention with its strategic ingress into Central America through a significant distribution pact with CIO MED GROUP, a prominent distributor of medical paraphernalia in the region. This collaboration is envisioned to yield potential revenues of $28 million over a five-year period. The accord underscores the promotion and deployment of INSPIRA ART apparatuses, notably the INSPIRA ART100, which is currently in line for FDA approval.

The company’s flagship series, the INSPIRA ART, is engineered to quickly improve blood oxygen saturation levels while allowing patients to remain conscious and alert. This innovative approach not only enhances patient outcomes but also reduces reliance on invasive ventilation, thereby minimizing infection risks and speeding up recovery times. Recently, Inspira showcased the INSPIRA ART Line of Medical Devices at the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) Conference in Seattle, establishing its presence at the world’s leading Extracorporeal Life Support gathering.

As Inspira continues its mission to transform acute respiratory care, it’s evident that the company’s vision goes beyond just manufacturing medical equipment to actively shaping the future of healthcare. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and patient well-being, Inspira is poised to make a significant impact on the global respiratory healthcare landscape.


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