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Medelhan, the startup that brings architects and luxury Made in Italy companies together goes into overfunding in 3 days

In just three days, Medelhan’s crowdfunding has reached the minimum goal of 50 thousand euros on WeAreStarting and is aiming for the maximum goal of 200 thousand. Medelhan is the first platform in the world to provide targeted one-to-one matching between architects and designers from around the world, profile executives from top furniture brands, and investors from the real estate and hospitality industry. “Within Medelhan, professionals in the high-end furniture and architecture market share projects, information and innovative solutions, with the certainty of interacting only with the best interlocutors for their business, without wasting time,” stresses Roberto Cuneo, CEO and founder of Medelhan.

What is Contract Furniture

In the last 10 years, a new way of working in the furnishing of homes, offices, stores, hotels and boats has become popular, that of contract furnishing, which also affects the luxury segment. This is a turnkey room and building design service: it starts from the design and permit application, through construction and plumbing, to testing and complete interior fit-out, on time and on budget. The contractor company (which does the work) is hired by a client (which in turn may be a private individual or another company) and must identify the best professionals (supply manufacturers, interior designers, etc.) to complete the work. Traditional distribution of luxury furniture and interior design items, therefore, hardly exists anymore. It is produced to order. In this context, meeting the right stakeholders in the world of luxury architecture has become really difficult. And the difficulties have been exacerbated with the restrictions imposed by Pandemic. The smart industry player matching platform devised by Medelhan solves this problem.

Roberto Cuneo, Ceo and founder of Medelhan.

The Medelhan model

Medelhan is accessed through membership, thanks to a monthly or annual subscription. All individuals using the platform, carefully profiled by the startup, can benefit from services tailored to their profile. When going after customers on the Web, a very onerous effort is required. “Those who rely on Medelhan no longer need to do scattershot marketing activities, without knowing whether the investments will yield the desired results: just do dropper promotion. Medelhan’s network is an exclusive circuit where only trustworthy professionals and companies can be met. So those involved in the contract furniture supply chain can create a solid business flow, based on expertise and reputation, reaching the right interlocutors with minimal economic effort,” explains Roberto Cuneo.

Medelhan is like an international on-demand fair, open 365 days a year, where every encounter brings value. According to an internal estimate, those who use Medelhan to improve their position in the market save 90 percent of the costs that would be required by relying on traditional digital marketing and promotion efforts.

A market going strong

The furniture and contract market seems to have left the Pandemic behind, and orders are growing despite difficulties in sourcing raw materials. In Italy, the wood-furniture supply chain marked +14 percent compared to 2019, with a turnover of more than 49 billion euros, up from 43 billion in 2019. Exports were also positive, marking +20.6% over 2020 and +7.3% over 2019. The total value of more than 18 billion euros exceeds, albeit slightly, the 17 of 2019 (data from the latest Centro Studi FederlegnoArredo report).

In particular, the global high-end furniture market is worth about $50 billion. In 2021, Italy exported the equivalent of $16.2 billion with 25 percent growth over the previous year. As can be seen from the data shared by FederlegnoArredo, we are the second country in Europe in terms of the number of companies active in the world of Design (29,000) and the leading exporter in the luxury segment. This figure is destined to grow because the interest of countries such as the USA and China in Made in Italy furniture and interior design is increasingly strong

Medelhan’s numbers

“In 2021 we were able to bring more than 60 of the best-known Italian brands and 130 international architectural firms including Gensler, HBA and Perkins&Will, among the top ten in the world in terms of turnover, onto our platform,” the CEO says. We have organized more than 500 business meetings and generated revenues for our partners for an estimated more than 7 million euros.” In its first year of existence, Medelhan turned over €240,000 in revenue and is now looking to crowdfunding to grow faster and attract even more companies, with the goal of becoming the global benchmark for top international architects, interior designers and builders.

To invest in Medelhan just go to:

As a reminder, Medelhan is an innovative startup and therefore those who invest in the project enjoy the deductions provided by law.

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