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Masters of Email Marketing – Fall 2022

To get the most out of the momentum, Masters of Email Marketing – Fall 2022 is coming, and several international speakers are waiting to share their insights with you. And oh, how fresh this knowledge will be!

Speakers ant topics:

Mikko Seppä is the co-founder and CEO of the B2B Commerce platform HeadQ Digital Commerce and the author of three books.

  • Why omnichannel sales strategy is a must in today’s market?
  • How to manage a self-serve channel as a b2b company?
  • Why do a self-serve channel and email marketing make up a match made in heaven?

Adeola Sole is a well-known international public speaker, webinar host, and Senior Consultant in Holistic Email Marketing.

  • The foundations of a good email;
  • Design and the importance it plays with conversion;
  • Landing page optimizations to get you to the basket;
  • Metrics to keep an eye on. Email and Web analytics

Dmitry Kudrenko is the the Founder and CEO at Stripo and – омніканальна CDP. He has over 20 years of experience in the software development world and half of it in email marketing.

  • The evolution of Senders (ESP, MAP, CDP)
  • Campaign-driven marketing its metrics and benchmarks
  • Definition of good metric and email dashboards
  • RFM/Customer Grid/Customer Journey Map
  • AI in Email Marketing
  • Next steps in Senders Evolution to Goal-driven marketing

Magda Kolesinski is the co-founder of  KDV – Email Marketing Agency, a boutique email marketing agency working with purpose-driven DTC brands.

  • What is email deliverability and why it’s important to your business?
  • How to detect deliverability issues in your email channel?
  • What to do to build your deliverability and stop emails from landing in spam?
  • Most common mistakes and how to avoid them


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