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Lerta Virtual Power Plant with contracts worth PLN 36 million

During the supplemental auction for the 2023 delivery year held on March 17, 2022, Lerty’s demand-side reduction (DSR) units entered into annual capacity agreements for a total of 124 MW, which, when combined with previously entered into agreements, translates into an increase in the portfolio to 134 MW. This is more than 2.5 times the amount the Company serves in 2022. Lerty’s contracted revenues from the Power Market for 2023, which the Company will share with active energy consumers, exceeded 36.5 million.

– The concluded contracts are a significant step towards achieving our goal of operating at least 500 MW of DSR capacity in 2026 – says Borys Tomala, founder and CEO of Lerty. – Our business in Poland is growing dynamically and we are consistently connecting new customers to the Virtual Power Plant. You don’t have to be a big energy intensive corporation to make money on DSR, our service and VPP platform allows even small companies connected to low voltage grid to participate. The smallest facility managed by us provides about 50 kW of flexible power on demand – adds Borys Tomala.

Financial and other benefits

For industrial customers connected to Lerta Virtual Power Plant DSR means first of all additional income from being ready to reduce demand for power from the grid in case of low reserves in the power system. The companies which decide to provide such service may count on over 100 thousand PLN of additional income for every 1 MW of power. In return, they undertake to carry out quarterly one-hour power reduction tests and to react in case of an actual crisis in the Polish grid. However, money is not everything.

– Apart from obvious financial benefits, so important in the era of very high wholesale energy prices and growing power surcharge, cooperation with Lerta means also access to a free tool to manage energy consumption and optimize costs – says Marcin Sajkiewicz, Sales Manager responsible for industrial customers service in Lerta. Moreover, thanks to the precise data on the demand of the plant, we will be able to offer tailored conditions for the sale of electricity as well as for the purchase and balancing of the surplus from the internal generation facilities”, adds Marcin Sajkiewicz.

More and more virtual power

Founded in Poland, Lerta is an energy startup with international shareholders whose strategy is focused on growth in Central and Eastern Europe, mainly in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. In all countries where it has a presence, the Company holds electricity trading licenses, so that it also aggregates generation sources in a Virtual Power Plant. In March 2022, thanks to the DSR service agreements concluded with power consumers and PPAs with power generators, the volume of power managed by Lerta exceeded 100 MW. This is almost double compared to the beginning of this year.


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