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Labelcall raised one million PLN. The startup has developed an application that provides on-screen data about the caller

While we’ve seen personalization in many fields, phone customer service has still remained virtually unchanged. In a world where algorithms know us better than our friends, and apps accurately predict which songs or series we’ll like, businesses can’t be left behind. That is why a Polish startup has developed an application that provides data about the caller on the screen, which allows not only to reduce the time of service, but above all to ensure individual approach from the moment the handset is picked up. In the long run, the technology is supposed to predict the topic of conversation.

Service time has a significant impact on transaction satisfaction

Telephone customer service is not always efficient. The initial stage is very time-consuming: entering a long customer number, searching in the database, confirming identity, presenting the case. It may cause impatience or discouragement, and in extreme cases, when a customer calls with a complaint and the formalities are prolonged – even frustration. These emotions, but also time can be saved. How? It is enough to have all the information about our caller already before answering the call.

Labelcall startup came up with just such an idea. It created an application for business, which is to display on the screen detailed data about the caller. Thanks to this, the caller is no longer just a phone number, but a specific person. The caller immediately knows the name of the person on the other end, what they recently bought, what the order number was or what the shipping status is. He or she can greet the person by name and refer to the last transaction carried out, instead of the standard “How can I help you?”. A personalized approach makes the customer more attached to the company. The quality of service improves, and the time to resolve a case decreases. Apart from the mobile application, there is also a widget for Chrome browser. This technology is already used by several hundred online stores, beauty salons, hairdressing salons and sales companies based on the CRM system.

PLN 1 million for the developmentdevelopment of artificial intelligence

The startup has received one million PLN from the Czysta3.VC investment fund. As one of the originators of Labelcall, Paweł Napiórkowski, emphasizes, the funds will be used for work on artificial intelligence allowing for prediction of the subject of the conversation even before the call is answered. This is supposed to further increase the innovativeness of this technology, which will affect its usefulness for business.

Where does the data displayed on the screen of a person using the Labelcall application come from? The data comes from the systems on which the company works: from online stores, auction and reservation systems, CRM, ERP, etc. The application can currently be integrated with Shopify, Allegro, Baselinker, Shoper, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Zapier, Pipedrive, among others. Further integrations with large systems are already planned, as well as the extension of available functions with, among others, intelligent voicemail, analytics or voice recognition.

So far, the market lacked a solution that would collect customer data in a similar way and allow for a real reduction of service time and individual approach from the very beginning of the conversation. Such improvement can translate not only into the image of the company, but also into the costs of doing business or even into the desire to return to the store.


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