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KROSS is the first bicycle manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe to offer electric cargo bikes

Electric cargo bikes are gaining huge popularity across Europe. It is the fastest growing bicycle sector. In Germany, for example, it grew by 40% in 2020. In many cities, authorities are choosing to subsidize companies that choose to replace vans entering city centers with deliveries with cargo bikes. This is because cargo bikes help unblock city centers cluttered with vans and get rid of excess pollution. It’s worth remembering that the e-commerce segment, and therefore parcel delivery, is growing by 33% per year in Europe. In turn, a study conducted by the University of Westminster shows that electric cargo bikes in city centers deliver packages 60% faster than deliveries by car (10 packages per hour against 6 packages by van).

The ecological version of the so-called “last mile transport” is also gaining popularity in Poland. Thanks to the groundbreaking offer of the Polish manufacturer KROSS, this spring companies and individual customers can purchase their own electric cargo bike. The new bikes, in the KROSS colors, are equipped with an electric drive, which improves the quality and comfort of the ride and makes it much easier to cover longer distances and urban hills, especially with heavy loads.

– The Polish KROSS is developing very dynamically. We are constantly looking for new solutions and are already designing the bikes of the future. We place strong emphasis on ecological solutions and the electric KROSS cargo bikes perfectly fit into this trend. The Polish KROSS design is the first such mass-available model in Central Europe. Interest in the KROSS cargo bikes is enormous and we are already processing orders through selected stores and the website – says Kacper Sosnowski, Vice President of KROSS.

A bike for special tasks. Ecological and economical

More and more companies are choosing cargo bikes. This choice is motivated by economic and ecological issues.

– Experts in the field of logistics predict that the trend of reducing internal combustion transport in favour of electric cargo bikes will continue, and some of them believe that the future of local transport will belong to such vehicles. Thanks to their agility, payload and long range, e-cargo bikes are an attractive product for courier companies, fast shoppers and city dwellers,” says Adam Fudala, KROSS Business Development Manager.

Couriers, people running their businesses in cities, and ordinary citizens, every day struggle with traveling on crowded roads, narrow streets or lack of parking spaces. With an electric cargo bike, they have the chance to swap their environmentally unfriendly vans and cars for comfortable and agile unicycles, equipped with packed boxes with a capacity of up to 300 liters. This proposal will not only make work much easier, but will also fit into the ecological idea of last mile transportation. The delivery industry is also being challenged by increasingly common restricted-access zones aimed at reducing traffic in city centers and reducing air pollution. A zero-emission bike that gets you anywhere, and parks free at your door, has no competition.

An everyday helper for families

Traffic jams, exhaust fumes, overcrowded public transport – taking children to kindergarten or school every day is a growing challenge. Meanwhile, electric cargo bike in “passenger” version, is a specially designed basket, which safely accommodates two children. The canopy will ensure comfort of travel in any weather, and the belts and lighting will increase safety. Urban cyclists can also go on big shopping trips – not just grocery shopping. A visit to a DIY store or an antique market is also within their reach. Thanks to electric assistance, even large items can be carried uphill without shortness of breath. In Sweden, e-cargo bikes are successfully used for removals, for example.

Financially accessible thanks to KROSS

Rental KROSS electric cargo bikes are also available to business customers as a convenient rental option through the KROSS Rental service. The company estimates that it will rent 10 times more bikes to businesses in 2022 than last year. These will include e-cargo bikes. The offer includes financing, equipment maintenance and an optional safety package – helmets, reflectors and other accessories. The Polish KROSS brand declares that the e-cargo bikes which hit the Polish streets – and in the future foreign markets as well – are characterized by high quality and competitive pricing.


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