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Key2Compliance chooses tech startup

Certainli was launched in January this year after the founders identified a major digitisation need in product certification for technology products.

Zero-day work processes are plagued by time-consuming lead times and expensive extra costs due to missing certificates for components in a product.

Certainli’s service will save product manufacturers up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per product by eliminating unnecessary work, extra costs and delays. The start-up is now signing its first customer, life science player Key2Compliance, which is playing a key role in the service’s initial development journey.

Alfred Samuelson

For technology products to be sold, they need to meet various security requirements and this requires having the right certificate. Today, these certification processes are often manual and lengthy. This problem was identified by Hidden Dreams, an engineering-based company, together with three engineers, Alfred Samuelson, Susanne Sundström and Johan Rågmark. Together they started Certainli. Now they are developing an innovative service that streamlines processes whose first module automatically looks up certificates in available databases, which can reduce lead times from weeks to minutes.

Now, barely six months after start-up, they are signing with Key2Compliance, which has extensive experience in complex technology products with high regulatory requirements. Which is Certainli’s initial focus as the need for efficiency in that segment is greatest.

  • We are extremely pleased to welcome Key2Compliance as a customer. They are an innovative and growing consulting and training company in medical device compliance, which is one of our initial focus verticals. We have also identified these types of advanced products with high regulatory requirements in other industries with high security requirements, such as technology for The sights are set on having a first version of our product ready in early autumn. In a time of global component shortages as well as production and supply challenges, it feels particularly good to develop a product that will create real improvement,” says Alfred Samuelson, co-founder and CEO of Certainli.

Key2Compliance will be a partner and pilot customer in the development of Certainli’s platform, providing valuable expertise and input on how their service can provide maximum support within these intricate processes.

  • Our consultants are all too familiar with these convoluted certification processes and therefore we are always trying to find ways to enable more data-driven and automated Certainli has the potential to significantly simplify uncertain and time-consuming parts of the product certification process, with time and cost benefits for all involved. We look forward to contributing our industry expertise to the development of this product, and to testing the platform in our work,” says Åsa Möllby, Director of Quality Assurance, Key2Compliance.


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