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Italy launches the Pro version dedicated to b2b is a free management software for companies and a search engine for individuals that allows you to manage your shipments in Italy and worldwide in a simple, intuitive and cost-effective way. presents the new PRO service, a management software developed in house and patented, which allows companies to optimize their shipping processes thanks to a free platform that automatically chooses the best courier, based on pre-set preferences, including geographical location, the main partner carriers and the wishes of its customers.

In addition PRO allows API connection with any type of e-commerce thus avoiding data transfer errors and inaccuracies, but at the same time the human factor is enhanced thanks to a customer care team of specialized consultants who save time and follow the user from the insertion of the shipment until the delivery of the goods.

Through an intuitive dashboard it allows you to manage online stores, synchronize orders and automatically generate shipping labels. The user can modify his preferences at any time and can also decide to insert in the management system his trusted courier with whom he already has a subscription in place.

The goal of PRO is to save the customer up to 70% for his shipments, but above all to reduce by 50% the costs of logistics management and to gain useful time to devote to their business and thus increase turnover.

Rachele Fichera and Marco Puma, founder of iospedisco has intercepted a trend, born particularly during the lockdown, common to many small and medium-sized businesses that have had to implement an online shop and thus deal with logistical issues related to shipping. PRO literally helps companies to simplify their lives and that is why today over 40 thousand companies have already chosen its services and has obtained 5 thousand reviews on Trustpilot and transported 1 million parcels in one year., born from an idea and a winning intuition of the two founders – Marco Puma and Rachele Fichera – brothers in life and partners in business, with the PRO service has reached today levels of technology among the most advanced in Europe. Thanks to an investment bridge round that is about to close and a venture capital that will invest in a larger round, is about to start with the internationalization phase.

“We have always looked to the future and with the updating of technology we have adapted and renewed the services offered by A common vision and a shared and strong goal of growth and development have led us today to launch the PRO version.” – states Marco Puma. “The needs of our customers have changed, given the historical period we are living in, and PRO is a strong and proactive response to a market in which we want to establish ourselves more and more as the protagonists, bringing our decades of experience, not only in Italy but also abroad.” – concludes Rachele Fichera.

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