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Infatica is looking to secure a 2 million euro seed investment 

Infatica, a provider of residential proxy services, is seeking a 2 million euro seed investment to expand its marketing and sales efforts to new markets. The funding will be used to increase the reach of Infatica’s services and bring its high-quality residential proxies to a wider audience. 

According to Infatica CMO Ihor Pakhomov, the investment will allow the company to invest in marketing and sales efforts and reach even more people with its services. 

“We are excited to be seeking investment to help us grow our business and bring our residential proxy services to new markets,” said Infatica CMO Ihor Pakhomov. “Our platform is already being used by hundreds of satisfied clients, and we believe that there is significant potential for growth in a variety of verticals. This investment will allow us to invest in marketing and sales efforts and reach even more people with our services.”

Infatica’s residential proxy network helps companies to improve their products, gather data, research target audiences, test apps and websites, prevent cyberattacks, and more.

“We are confident that this investment will help us achieve our ambitious goals and continue to make a positive impact on the internet,” said Infatica CMO Ihor Pakhomov. “We believe that our residential proxy services can make a real difference for businesses and individuals, and we are excited to have the opportunity to expand our reach and bring our services to even more companies.”

The company is seeking investment from qualified investors who share its vision of making the internet more accessible and open. 

Interested parties can contact Infatica at [email protected].

Infatica is a top provider of residential proxy services that assists companies and individuals in a variety of ways, such as enhancing their products, conducting web crawling and scraping, mining data, researching target audiences, testing apps and websites, and preventing cyberattacks. Its global network of millions of devices aims to make the internet more open and accessible.

[email protected] Ihor Pakhomov



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