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How to help effectively: Business and Ukraine

In the latest episode of Impact The Future, we’ll focus on how to help effectively. We will think about how the technology/IT sector can help? How to use know-how of IT companies? Artur Racicki’s guest is Wojtek Mróz – multi-instrumentalist among entrepreneurs, currently Country Co-Director at Ashoka.

Ashoka, which Wojtek supports together with technology companies in the face of the pandemic, created a campaign supporting NGOs Tech to the rescue. Initially, the initiative was supported by a few IT companies and now the support of IT companies has grown to 300 companies and 700 freelancers who want to support, among others, the #TechForUkraine action. The experience of Ashoka and the Tech to the rescue team guarantees that the projects that are created are better coordinated and well-thought-out, and thus will have a greater impact on reality.

As far as humanitarian actions are concerned, PAH – Polish Humanitarian Action – is very effective in Poland; it has been present in Ukraine for years, but it also has experience in working on migration crises, e.g. in Syria.

Other initiatives mentioned in the interview that are worth mentioning and remembering include:

Invest in Impact – a course and community for entrepreneurs who want to support NGOs wisely

Run for Ukraine – on 26 March 2022 all over Poland there will be a run for Ukraine and all funds will be donated to PAH.

Ashoka support network – a network of philanthropists supporting the activities of Ashoka Foundation.

NFT charity for Ukraine – sale of drawings painted by Ukrainian children.

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The conversation is moderated by Artur Racicki, who supports positive impact startups on a daily basis and speaks with innovators and experts who are changing the world for the better on his Impact the Future podcast.

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