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How Korter uses PRNEWS.IO to address the challenge of entering the market in Kazakhstan

As an international proptech firm seeking to expand into local markets worldwide, Korter encountered the obstacle of promoting their services effectively in each new market. To surmount this hurdle, Korter enlisted the services of PRNEWS.IO, a platform that provides diverse PR solutions. This case study delves into how PRNEWS.IO facilitated Korter’s entry into local markets and accomplished their PR objectives. The study will examine the implemented strategy, the outcomes that were attained, and the influence it had on Korter’s business.

About Korter

Korter is a proptech platform, a real estate marketplace that operates in nine countries:

With a goal to simplify the process of online home buying, Korter, a subsidiary of Ukrainian enterprise LUN, provides real estate buyers with free updates on residential complexes and their developers via their website. To enhance marketing and promotion efforts, Korter offers tools to increase potential buyers for developers, realtors, and homeowners, who can then advertise on Korter platforms. Noteworthy achievements of Korter include a monthly audience exceeding 390,000, over 2,600,000 monthly page views, and a presence in more than nine countries, encompassing over 8,900 residential complexes. Additionally, the company provides mobile applications for Android and iOS users.

According to Yuriy Voron of Korter, media publications offer an effective solution to attain various company goals. Regarding SEO, media publications play a significant role in link building, a crucial element of external optimization. By obtaining high-quality backlinks from media publications, a website can potentially receive increased traffic and gain trust with search engines. Moreover, media publications can enhance brand recognition and increase the frequency of brand queries in search engines. However, to accomplish these SEO objectives, a website must also prioritize factors such as fast loading speed, relevant and high-quality content, a user-friendly interface, and both internal and external optimization.

The Challenge

When venturing into a new market, obtaining media coverage and relevant backlinks requires additional efforts. However, forging partnerships with local media outlets can prove to be a daunting task, demanding considerable time and effort. Korter encountered these challenges and sought help from PRNEWS.IO to overcome them. Korter faced obstacles in establishing a system for publishing their materials in the mass media, such as creating a database of sites to obtain backlinks, reaching out to individual sites, and negotiating terms. PRNEWS.IO came to Korter’s aid, simplifying this process and saving valuable time and resources.

The Solution

In 2022, Korter successfully published 106 guest posts on, with 80% of them facilitated through PRNEWS.IO. PRNEWS.IO asked Korter for feedback on the quality, convenience, and timeliness of their service. Yuriy Voron responded positively, stating that everything went smoothly. He particularly appreciated the clear communication with websites, which eliminated the need for personal interaction. Korter was able to select websites, pay for services, and submit articles through a simple and straightforward process. Voron also commended PRNEWS.IO’s swift response in resolving any issues that arose. He further appreciated the platform’s extensive database of websites from various countries, including those with less-developed digital media markets, as well as the cost savings of not having to hire a dedicated link builder.

The Result

Thanks to their partnership with PRNEWS.IO, experienced a 40% increase in the number of backlinks to their website. This significant improvement in media coverage was achieved through the publication of guest posts, examples of which are provided below.

The positive effects of these efforts are reflected in improved SEO parameters, as reported by Ahrefs, for the Kazakh version of the website.



The Key to Korter’s Success: Innovative Features and Quality Service

To become an innovator in the real estate market, it’s important to focus on not only backlinks but also the quality of the service or product being offered. Korter has successfully entered local markets by providing personalized tools, aerial flights, interactive maps, legal support, and regular updates on construction progress. These features set Korter apart from competitors and make the process of searching for an apartment fast and convenient for potential buyers. Along with a 40% increase in backlinks achieved through their partnership with PRNEWS.IO, Korter is well-positioned to continue innovating and expanding their reach in the real estate market.

If your business is looking to enter new markets and needs help with media coverage and backlink building, PRNEWS.IO can be a valuable partner in achieving your goals. Korter, an international proptech company, turned to PRNEWS.IO to help streamline the process of obtaining media coverage and relevant backlinks in new markets. Through this partnership, Korter saw a significant increase in backlinks to their website, resulting in more traffic and visibility to their target audience. PRNEWS.IO’s platform offers a range of PR solutions, making it a great option for businesses looking to expand their reach and achieve their PR goals. If you want to be successful in entering new markets, partnering with PRNEWS.IO could be the secret to your success.


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