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Hidden Dreams is now growing with six new companies

Hidden Dreams opened for business in late 2019 and shortly thereafter founded its first two tech companies whose services today solve niche problems in medical research and manufacturing.

Two companies quickly grew to six.

And now Hidden Dreams has started six more new tech companies. An increase of a whopping 500% in two years. The new companies will transform inefficient processes within organisations into resource-saving or revenue-generating digital solutions, including in the aerospace industry.

Start-up Hidden Dreams specialises in identifying manual and inefficient work processes within organisations and industries, which it then improves through new digital innovations. For each identified problem area, they start a new tech company whose aim is to simplify and digitise it. Of the companies Hidden Dreams founded and whose digital service is now in use, professionals are saving up to 80% of the time they previously spent on the same tasks.

Now the company builders are starting six more new companies that will operate in; InsurTech, aerospace, health and safety compliance, legal tech and manufacturing.

  • The goal for Hidden Dreams is to launch 50 companies in five years, so we are very excited to reach another milestone that brings us closer to that goal. There’s a wide range of companies and that’s because we don’t target any one in particular We find manual work processes, or what we call hidden problems, can be interesting no matter where we find them. However, we only found B2B companies, consumer behaviour is very unpredictable so we try to stay away from the sexier tech innovations like voi or klarna, says Maria Norberg, COO & partner at Hidden Dreams.


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