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Greater Property Group Real Estate Startup Interview

Our Real Estate Brokerage recently launched the Wolf of Real Estate NFT project, designed to bridge the gap between real-life property and Web3. 

Nathan Singh, Managing Partner at Greater PROPERTY Group:

Wolf of Real Estate NFTs provides a real estate investment platform like nothing else in existence today. We have created a space where everyday people can take advantage of decades-long real estate experience and expertise. Our community of investors will receive the best real estate investment projects and propositions from well-known developers, builders, and investors who typically do these deals behind closed doors, and in private.

Now Wolf of Real Estate NFTs will pull the curtain back and open the best real estate investment opportunities up to our community of holders.

What is the story behind your company?  

The name Greater Property Group reflects our vision and concept for the future as a North American-wide real estate company. The GPG is a grow- ing national independent brokerage operating in three provinces and more than 5 cities across the country. While growing and expanding, the Greater Property Group’s value proposition remains the same – a combination of exceptional customer service, unrivalled marketing, and deep industry expertise.

The GPG has established itself as a leader in its respective real estate markets, garnering praise from industry peers and clients. The GPG’s partner agents and staff of real estate advisors, equipped with some of the industry’s most exclusive marketing offers, have been recognized with multiple industry awards and accolades. GPG agents and brokers continue to differentiate themselves from the competition through our many ‘Unique Selling Propositions’ and proprietary services. Additionally, the Greater Property Group is fast becoming the leading advisor and consultant for the use of digital currency in real estate.

What does success mean to you and your company?  

The success of our Agents equals success for us.  Our whole mission as a brokerage is to help our Agents build successful careers and help them serve the community better than any other agents in the industry.

What is your plan of action for the next 5 years to sustain and grow your business? 

In addition to building out the crypto sale side of our brokerage activities, we are currently sponsoring the Wolf of Real Estate NFT project which is going to be our first foray into Web3.  The applications are limitless for NFT’s and the blockchain in the Real Estate space and we want to lead the charge, which includes creating a marketplace for real-life properties in the metaverse.

Who are your biggest competitors, and how do you differentiate yourself from them?  

We don’t view the rest of the industry as competitors but compete against ourselves and how robust we can build out our own business.  We differentiate ourselves through our many Unique Selling Propositions (USPS’s) and benefits [see attached brochure] ,  our world-class training that brings celebrity guests and business leaders from all industries to train our agents at our masterminds, boot camps as well as our podcast; and also our Crypto, NFT, and Web3 focused business plans.


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