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Glovo will provide humanitarian aid and essential logistics to those in need in Ukraine

After a thorough evaluation of the situation, Glovo made its platform available in twenty cities in the western part of Ukraine, including selected districts of Kiev. The application has been operating in a limited capacity since last week. This was due to increased demand for essential services for residents and NGOs who lack access to food, medicine, and basic goods in emergencies.

– There is a lack of basic logistical services on the ground in Ukraine, and we are facing a humanitarian crisis in which the elderly, among others, are struggling to access food. Basic human needs remain unmet. By providing our platform, we have the opportunity to support those in need right now. Couriers have started to organize aid themselves using various communication channels. So making our logistics infrastructure available to provide services was an obvious step, it makes it much easier and safer – adds Dmitry Rasnovsky, CEO of Glovo in Ukraine.

Glovo will not derive any financial benefit from providing services in Ukraine and waives commissions and delivery fees for partners, NGOs and pharmacies. In addition, all user-side delivery fees will be donated to the Ukrainian NGO Come Back Alive, which supports Ukrainian society during this difficult time. Given the current situation, the compensation of couriers actively working for Glovo has been adjusted to provide for themselves and their families. All couriers are covered by local and global insurance.

For groups of people who arrange relief deliveries on their own, there is a clear need for Glovo’s platform services as a support to safely connect suppliers, couriers and those in need. Since the relaunch in Ukraine last week, nearly 10,000 orders have been delivered, with nearly 1,000 stores and over 700 couriers operating to date. To ensure the safety of users, couriers and partners, Glovo has implemented additional security and safety protocols.

– Re-enabling our technology platform has enabled us to continue to support Ukraine and help connect people. We understand the urgent need for Ukrainian citizens to access essential supplies, so we are committed to making essential services available wherever possible. At the same time, as part of our Glovo Access program, we are allocating a first round of a €500,000 fund to support humanitarian efforts for NGOs, couriers and partners in Ukraine and to help refugees in neighboring countries. This is just the beginning of our initiative,” says Sacha Michaud, co-founder of Glovo.

Glovo’s priority is the safety of employees, users, couriers and partners. Developments in Ukraine are constantly monitored to evaluate and adapt any new security measures as required. In the event of any attacks, Glovo will immediately cease operations and all couriers will be required to follow security protocols. At this point, the platform’s hours of operation vary from city to city to comply with local curfews and Kiev operating between 10:00am and 6:00pm.

For more information on how Glovo continues to support the team and individuals from Ukraine and neighboring countries, click here.


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