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Ewa Geresz and Monika Synoradzka: How to effectively integrate the startup community? (podcast)

Monika Synoradzka from SpeedUp Venture Capital Group and Ewa Geresz from Venture Café Warsaw have been specializing in building and integrating communities from the world of business and startups for years. For this reason, they have been awarded in the ranking Kreatorzy 2022 (Creators 2022), which we co-organize with PFR. We honored them precisely in the category – “Integration of communities”.

– Networking is very important. Because in order to work with someone effectively, you need to trust that person. And to trust someone, you need to know them. One of our programs is meetings for innovators, which take place every week. This gives this community a chance to get to know each other. Even if we meet a person for the first time, we have the opportunity to locate them in the ecosystem. This builds social trust, which unfortunately is still lacking in Poland – says Ewa Geresz.

In the latest episode of Podcast, we talk to Ewa and Monika about community integration, networking and relationship building in the world of startups and VC funds.

– Networking is very important in business when we are at the level of funds or building startups. In a startup culture, openness is important in order to get the opportunity to work with someone. Building a community, it’s about showing people that you can go outside your bubble. Talking to other people at the intersection of the areas of business, creativity and technology is where new things are created, says Monika Synoradzka.

Listen also:

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