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Eurobank – egg – enter-grow-go: Support the National Register of Start-ups “Elevate Greece”

H Eurobank, Official Supporter of the National Register of Young Entrepreneurs – Elevate Greece of the Ministry of Development & Investments, and the egg – enter-grow-go, recently organized an online information meeting for all the companies of the Registry, in order to inform them about the possibilities and opportunities in key areas such as funding, η extroversion and business networking. Indicative of the great interest was the participation of 135 innovative companies from dynamic sectors such as ESG, ICT / Fintech, technologies in the Health and of Tourism.

The online meeting was welcomed by Minister of State for Development & Investments, Dr. Christos Dimas, while the role of the Bank in supporting the Greek innovation ecosystem was underlined by Director General of Marketing & Promotion of the Bank’s support to the Greek economy, underlined the role of the Bank’s Director General of Marketing & Promotion of the Greek Economy in supporting the Bank’s development in the region. Corporate Communication of Eurobank Group, Mr. Michael Vlastarakis. The policies, programs and initiatives to support start-up entrepreneurship by the State for the period 2021 – 2022 were presented by Prof. Athanasios Kyriazis, General Secretary of Research and Innovation and Mr Michael Dritsas, Director of the Office of the Deputy Minister Mr. Christos Dimas. On the opportunities for financing start-ups, small and medium enterprises, on the grants expected to be announced for Elevate Greece companies and on financing solutions designed in cooperation with the European Commission and the European Commission. The European Commission is planning to launch a number of projects in cooperation with the The Hellenic Development Bank (EAT), Mr Panos Theodorou referred to the projects to be implemented by the European Investment Bank (ERA) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), Head of the Strategy & Strategy Sector of the European Investment Bank, Mr. Panos Ioannis Greetings, Head of the Strategy & Strategy Sector of the European Investment Bank. Development Small Business Segment of Eurobank. In addition, Mr. Stylianos Gagos, economic analyst of Eurobank, presented the trends and challenges in the Greek and global economy, while Mr. Stephanos Kapsaskis, Senior Advisor, JNP Strategy & Strategy, JNP. Management Consulting PC, described the framework regarding the potential for investable business initiatives.

O Deputy Minister of State for Development & Investments, responsible for research and technology, Dr. Christos Dimas, among others, said: “ Elevate Greece Elevate Greece is an essential tool of the State, which supports the innovation ecosystem and in particular , providing significant incentives and advantages. The initiative aims to bring together even more effectively different aspects of the ecosystem such as start-ups, the research centres, the universities, the incubators, the accelerators, the venture capital firms The presence of Official Supporters in the Elevate Greece network is crucial for its wider development. Η Eurobank has been a member of the Official Supporters Supporters offering services and even cash prizes. With the programme egg – enter-grow-go, has made a significant contribution to the broader development of the innovation ecosystem“.

O Director General Marketing & Corporate Communication of Eurobank Group, Mr. Michael Vlastarakis, said: “Eurobank consistently supports Greek start-ups and contributes in various ways to the development of the innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. Egg – enter-grow-go has the potential to help, in practice, Elevate Greece businesses through specific financing solutions, as well as through interconnection activities with mature entrepreneurship and the most advanced ecosystems abroad, respectively.”.

In its strategy, the European Commission will also support egg-enter-grow-go, the business accelerator designed and implemented by the Bank since 2013 in cooperation with the Corallia, Ms Roula Bakhtalia reported, Director of egg and Dr. Nikos Vogiatzis, Chief Development & Operations Officer of Corallia, with special reference to egg’s actions concerning the development of the Collaborative Innovation Cluster in digital technologies in the fields of Tourism & Culture. egg intends to select more than 50 (fifty) innovative companies of the National Register of Innovative Enterprises “Elevate Greece”, giving them the opportunity to to qualify directly to the final (C’) evaluation phase, for inclusion in egg, or to the egg Start – Up Platformor in the egg Scale – Up Platform, for the period 2022 – 2023.

In the framework of the Thessaloniki International Fair, Eurobank awarded with benefits of total value €50.000, the winning companies of the 1th Elevate Greece, which was introduced and organized by the Ministry of Development & Investment and the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation. The ten start-ups that won the first Elevate Greece National Start-up Awards were announced at a special event in Thessaloniki, which was graced by the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

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