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Entrepreneurs from Gothenburg help Swedish companies to hire internationally

Start-up company Emigreat wants to enable and encourage Swedish companies to hire internationally.

Their software solution will help employees, companies and government agencies manage international relocation.

The company has now been awarded by Vista and Drivhuset in the Njord Nest sustainability competition.

At the incubator Founders Loft in Gothenburg, Emigreat is developing a software solution to help companies and employees manage the administrative process that occurs when a person chooses to move to Sweden.

“We want to enable and encourage companies to hire staff internationally by easing the administrative work and reducing the information gap. And in doing so, make it a less stressful and uncertain experience for all parties involved,” says Saaya.

With the platform, the company aims to make information easily accessible to enable responsible and safe mobility among people, thus contributing to social sustainability, and in the future, to demonstrate how their platform contributes to more sustainable economic growth.

Anali Guzman Molina, Abhilash Ram and Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford, winners of the Njord Nest startup competition.

Emigreat has now been recognised for its work in the Njord Nest sustainability competition, which includes a 13-week training programme for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups working towards a sustainable future. The prize is awarded by Vista (formerly Vistaprint), a global design and marketing partner for small businesses, and Drivhuset, one of the main drivers of entrepreneurship in the Nordic region.

A hot topic

The idea that Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford and her colleagues have been working on since 2020 is more topical than ever, with many people heading to Sweden from Ukraine. The vision for Emigreat is that emigration should be stress-free and easy, even if it is a temporary move.

Saaya and the team behind Emigreat offer support both to the person coming to Sweden from another country, and to the local companies and organisations that employ or host immigrants. But the platform also supports people who have settled in Sweden, by updating users if there are changes in policies and requirements that affect their current or future situation.

Emigreat participated with nine other companies in Njord Nest’s startup programme. For over 13 weeks, the programme focused on developing the participants’ ideas to create value through sustainability, idea generation, business model segmentation, value proposition and then the final pitch to Njord Nest’s jury. The course also included coaching and consultancy sessions, which enabled the finalists to develop and optimise their ideas.

A good concept is essential to reach out and find customers

Registration for the next round of Njord Nest is open until 20 March. The competition is designed as a training programme for start-ups and small businesses that want to grow in a sustainable way, and is intended to support entrepreneurs to reach the next level with their business. Small businesses from the Nordic region can apply via this link.

“It’s great that there are so many creative companies in Gothenburg that want to make a difference in the world of sustainability,” says Anca. “It’s important to dare to start, test and act, and in Gothenburg, entrepreneurs are on the right track.”

According to Anca, it’s important to have a good concept that people understand: you need a clear idea, business model and value proposition, as well as a graphic profile – then you have a good basis for growth. Which are some of the topics that Anca and the judges help and coach the entrepreneurs with during Njord Nest.


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