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Elekea brings to crowdfunding the creative herbal teas that also appeal to Eataly

Tea and herbal teas are increasingly important foods in the daily diet of Italians and are destined to be even more so. Covid has accelerated an already positive trend that has led these drinks to generate a turnover, in the Boot, equal to 117 million euros. According to Nielsen data for 2021, herbal teas grew by +7.7% and infusions by +14.1% compared to 2018. Herbal teas alone, in 2020, according to Iri’s data, recorded a total sales total of 55 million euros, with a growth of +16.5% in volume and +17.5% in value. This is the sector in which SaiTè is moving, a brand specialized in the production and marketing of herbal teas, born from the know-how of Elekea, a Roman SME operating in the world of phytotherapy and natural food supplements.

The SaiTè project

“In 2019 we decided to found SaiTè to produce herbal teas innovative in flavors and sustainable for the environment and society, as well as made entirely in Italy” – explains Antonella Ruperto, CEO and founder of Elekea and creator of the SaiTè brand. “Our herbal teas include more than 80 flavor fragrances created in collaboration with highly qualified herbalists.” When one thinks of herbal teas, the classic sachet with powdery contents immediately comes to mind, to be dipped in hot water and drunk while it’s freezing outside. But herbal teas can be made in an incredible variety of flavors and with many different herbs, flowers, fruits and aromas. “Plus, once they’re ready, herbal teas can be drunk hot or cold, so they’re a pleasure you can indulge in year-round.” The SaiTè project has been studied down to the smallest detail: top quality, high-end positioning, packaging and refined presentations so much so that it immediately attracted the interest of consumers, but also of important retailers.

Antonella Ruperto, founder of Elekea and Saité.

The business model

“SaiTé has a fundamentally B2C approach, with online sales aimed at the end consumer. However, there is a second approach linked to Italian and foreign distributors for the positioning of the product in various channels, including large-scale retail trade(Portobello, with 25 locations and others opening in Italy, Coin and Eataly). Our herbal teas are also present in some gym chains, hotels, inside spas (La Via delle Terme in Genoa, Ayas and Saint-Vincent), golf and padel clubs”. Says Ruperto. “The ingredients in SaiTé’s herbal teas are 100% natural, pure and vegan, sourced from Italian family farms committed to social and labor inclusion projects. These are all strengths that contribute to the success of our brand and our products.” The founder continues. “We coined the definition creative aromas for SaiTè herbal tea flavors because our artisans have created a range of herbal teas that go beyond the concept of herbs that cleanse or cure. We have slimming or draining herbal teas, but there are also signature herbal teas, those paired with zodiac signs and more.”

The crowdfunding campaign

Elekea has just opened an equity crowdfunding campaign on the WeAreStarting portal. The objective of the collection is to create a new platform to complement the SaiTè store, dedicated to the “tailor made” formula. An original and innovative way that will allow SaiTè customers to create their own personalized herbal tea, directly online. A very strong trend able to ensure maximum customer loyalty. There are several reasons for supporting this campaign. Elekea, the company behind the Saitè brand, is an SME founded in 2015 and in just a few years has become a benchmark in the phytotherapy sector. Thanks to the production of the first 80 SaiTè flavor fragrances, Elekea’s company turnover has grown, exceeding 200 thousand euros. The company aims, for 2024, at one million euros. We are therefore talking about a young, well-established SME, which has already demonstrated its ability to grow and evolve rapidly.

To invest in Elekea with a minimum of 500 euros, just go to:

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