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Dutch Startup, StellarUp, Successfully Closes €500K Seed Funding to Bring Their Mentoring and Community Platform to Its Next Level

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – StellarUp, a Dutch startup offering a global HR SaaS solution that promotes knowledge sharing through structured and unstructured learning tools, announced today the successful closure of a seed funding round, raising €500K. The funding was led by a US tech investor with a keen interest in StellarUp since its inception. The newly acquired capital will be utilized to enhance the user interface and experience design (UI/UX), integrate new features, and bolster marketing efforts.

StellarUp’s innovative platform has gained recognition as a highly effective and scalable solution for mentoring, community building, fostering equitable connections, and nurturing personal growth within organizations. Research indicates that mentorship programs provide numerous advantages to both mentors and mentees, including skill development, increased job satisfaction and retention, career advancement, improved performance, and a positive organizational culture.

However, launching successful mentoring programs often poses challenges for decision-makers, leading to unengaging and unsuccessful initiatives. There is a pressing need for mentoring and community solutions that bridge the gap between project initiation and operational effectiveness. StellarUp aims to address this issue by streamlining the onboarding process, facilitating mentor-mentee matching, managing relationships, measuring engagement, and scaling the overall impact and return on investment.

Since its launch in 2020, StellarUp has successfully partnered with various large-scale non-profit and government projects, including Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, Giving Back, BufferSprings, The United Nations Foundation, Aleto Foundation, ScaleNL, Konstanze University in Germany, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, InvestNL, and more.

Expressing enthusiasm for the future of StellarUp, Estelle Roux-Stevens, co-founder at StellarUp, stated, “We are incredibly excited about the future of StellarUp. With this capital investment and the trust placed in us, our mission-driven team is well-positioned to expand the reach of our product and elevate it to new heights of performance, speed, and excellence.”

The US tech investor also shared their thoughts, remarking, “Mentoring and knowledge sharing play a key role in addressing HR challenges. StellarUp’s platform effectively connects growth and learning opportunities within an organization, efficiently capturing opportunities in a fast-growing market by providing unparalleled solutions.”

About Estelle Roux-Stevens, CEO of StellarUp: Estelle Roux-Stevens, the co-founder and CEO of StellarUp, has a goal of building diverse environments where people-first cultures can thrive. With over 23 years of HR experience in the IT and FinTech sectors, she has dedicated the past three years to addressing the challenges and opportunities of engagement and retention faced by distributed organizations. Her contributions have been recognized, as she was nominated for a Woman in Tech award in the Diversity Category in 2017.

About Julian Roux-Stevens, CTPO of StellarUp: Julian Roux-Stevens, the co-founder and CTPO of StellarUp, envisions empowering communities and companies to deliver personal and professional growth at scale while tackling the challenges of engagement and employee retention. With over 30 years of technical and product development experience, he has focused on building a product and team to meet the challenges and opportunities of a SaaS solution for distributed organizations.

About StellarUp: StellarUp is an HR SaaS solution that enables better knowledge sharing through structured and unstructured learning tools, including mentor programs, e-learning academies, online resource libraries, and community solutions. The flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) platform offered by StellarUp allows organizations to initiate and manage mentoring programs in a measurable and scalable manner. Its core functionalities encompass onboarding, matching, and mentoring relationship management, designed to enhance participants’ engagement and optimize operational processes.

StellarUp’s global customer base includes prominent organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, Testing for All, Dutch Investment Agency, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and the Dutch e-consulate in San Francisco, among others.

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