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Doctor.One has raised €2.1 million. Movens Capital has reinvested in the startup

Doctor.One is a virtual clinic that allows doctors to create and run a private medical practice in a subscription model. The basis of the healthcare provided is online medical rounds, during which medics use chat or phone calls to respond to messages from their patients, or contact them to check the progress of treatment. Through the app, they can also schedule an in-person visit or order tests. In Doctor.One, doctors are the ones who invite the patients they want to care for. They have full control over the time they devote to them, as well as the scope and price of the subscription. The idea of Doctor.One was noticed by jurors of the Start-up Challenge 2022 competition accompanying the European Economic Congress, who awarded the company with the title of winner in the Health&Biotechnology category.

– We have been on the market for less than six months and already Doctor.One is used by doctors of over 30 specialisations – from family medicine and paediatrics, through gynaecology and allergology, to endocrinology, haematology and neonatology. We have received positive feedback from both doctors and patients about our model of continuous health care based on a direct relationship with a trusted doctor. What’s more, our data shows that after just one month of working with us, some physicians’ revenues increase by as much as 20 percent while maintaining a similar number of working hours. By increasing the decision-making power of doctors in terms of the time they devote to patients and the form of contact, they are able to manage their precious time more effectively while providing continuity of care which is unique on the market – says Tomasz Rudolf, CEO of Doctor.One.

The huge potential of Doctor.One has been recognized by a renowned Berlin-based VC fund AtlanticLabs which invests in companies at the pre-seed and seed stage. AtlanticLabs has so far invested in over 130 companies with global potential, including Soundcloud, Zenjob, Clue, Choco, GetYourGuide or Omio.

– The pay-per-visit model of care is outdated and leads to poorer accessibility to healthcare services. Doctor.One’s unique approach enables patients to have a closer relationship with trusted physicians and increases the number of health services provided online or over the phone, thereby positively impacting system efficiency and patient convenience. We are excited to support the team in its mission to provide access to the app to patients around the world, explains Daniel Niemi, Director at AtlanticLabs.

– Raised funds will allow us to start expansion into European markets. We are also planning further development of the application, so that it is as close as possible to the needs of doctors and patients, as well as to the realities of local health markets. In order to achieve our ambitions, we intend to double the size of our team by the end of the year – adds Maciej Malenda, co-founder and COO of Doctor.One.

Currently, Doctor.One is expanding the application and therefore recruiting programmers. Jan Namedyński has recently joined the company as Chief Technology Officer. He was previously Head of Global Digital Innovation Lab at Avon and CTO at Spark &Mortar, the USP Group’s new business incubator.

– In the near future we will launch a new feature in the application – family accounts, which is a response to the needs of mainly family doctors, pediatricians and geriatricians. Thanks to them one specialist will be able to take care of the whole family. We are also in the process of negotiating a permanent cooperation agreement with a network of laboratories, which will facilitate the process of issuing and processing referrals for tests,” says Jan Namedyński, CTO of Doctor.One.

Data from the “Digital Health Global Market Report 2022” shows that the global digital health market was worth over $201 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach nearly $253 billion in 2022 at an average annual growth rate of 25.5 percent. (CARG). The authors of the report also predict that the market will grow at a rate of 24 percent. (CARG) annually, reaching a value of nearly $597 billion in 2026.


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