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Do new businesses still need giveaways these days?

Anyone founding a new company these days is busy with many different tasks at the same time. In particular, topics such as the development of products or services, negotiations with possible partners and investors, and the marketing of the future offering are the focus of interest. Few founders also have time to think about suitable giveaways for customers. The crucial question that arises here: Is this even necessary in the age of digitalization?

  • It’s all about attention
  • The key question: Which promotional gifts suit my company?
  • Aren’t pens and lighters enough?

It’s all about attention

First and foremost, new companies need to attract the attention of their target group. Which measures and tools are used for this depends above all on the type of company in question. It depends above all strongly on how the customer structure looks in detail and on which ways the own offer is marketed.

There are many ways to attract the attention of prospective customers in today’s world. Some companies decide to spend a large part of their advertising budget on social media, for example. Others take a more traditional approach and try a print advertising campaign or use city lights and billboards.

Another way for young entrepreneurs to draw attention to themselves is to organize events or participate in trade fairs. This is exactly where it is all about getting to know your potential customers in person and building trust over time. This is the time when the promotional gifts can come into play.

Because even in this day and age, almost all of us are still happy to receive a little attention without having to do anything in return. For this very reason, the answer to the question of whether new companies still need promotional gifts these days is simply: Yes! However, there is a big “but” behind this, because in order to use the advertising budget for gifts sensibly, the right selection of the corresponding gimmicks is crucial above all.

The key question: Which promotional gifts suit my company?

Who dedicates itself for the first time to the topic advertising gifts and undertakes thereby a ramble by the web pages of the individual offerers from the Internet, sees soon the forest before loud trees no more. There is an incredible flood of different suppliers and products and everyone claims to be the best. However, individual assistance in selecting products is only available in the rarest of cases.

This is where the clever minds at Giffits come in. Above all, with the “Online Idea Generator” on their site, they have created a tool that offers orientation to desperate founders. Based on one’s own wishes, the database searches through the more than 100,000 available promotional gifts and offers an individual selection of suitable suggestions.

Sounds good, but for the final conviction we put it to the test. In the search fields, we specify that we are looking for a basic set of promotional items for our company. We need about 1,000 items for this and we have an advertising budget of around 2,000 euros. For recognition value, we would like the gifts to be printed at least in one color.

The result of the search knows how to impress us. We can choose from a wealth of different items that are available on our required terms. We were particularly taken with the Gallery A5 notebook, for example. A promotional gift of this type is in most cases in use for a long time and is taken along on all professional trips inside and outside the office. The logo and a creative slogan can ensure that it attracts the attention not only of the recipient, but also in his professional environment.

We also liked the paper clips in different colors and shapes. These have the great advantage that they are firstly very cheap compared to other products and secondly have virtually no expiration date. Those who use the paper clips usually leave them on their desks for a very long time and also take them to internal meetings.

Aren’t pens and lighters enough?

Many founders ask themselves whether simple promotional items such as pens or lighters are not enough to get them started. But they should ask themselves the opposite question: Are these exactly the items that can represent my business appropriately?

Depending on the nature of the business in question, this may well be the case. Especially at trade shows, pens are still welcome gimmicks for visitors. Simple promotional gifts are first and foremost one thing: icebreakers. However, if you want to intensify relationships with prospects and customers further down the line, you should opt for gifts that are a little more valuable.

Powerbanks and USB sticks are currently very popular. But even a good quality umbrella often brings great joy to the recipient. Coffee cups, on the other hand, are less recommendable. This is evident from a glance at numerous company cafeterias and lounges. The cabinets there are usually full with the cups of most different offerers and fristen a sad shade existence.; Titel: Geschenke; ID: 3705502; Autor: frenta; Title: Gifts; ID: 3705502; Author: frenta©


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