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Digito service shares your contacts digitally while saving trees

Her own experience with the limitations of traditional printed business cards led Hille Tehini to consider more efficient, flexible and sustainable alternatives.

The solution came to be the Digito service – a digital business card that also serves as a collection platform for different types of digital addresses.

Gone are the days when business card books represented one’s network as well as serving as contact lists. At least for the majority. Sure, printed business cards still serve their purpose, but they are neither very climate-friendly nor easy for the user to update. About two years ago, Hille Tehini began to wonder how successful it really was to “drop” a printed business card when he was out with a client. The traditional business card offered a very limited amount of information and didn’t work as the relationship builder that Hille wanted.

Hille was born and raised in Gävle, but in recent years has based himself in Stockholm, where his current employer Lóreal has its Swedish headquarters. Before stepping in as Saloon Business Partner with responsibility for developing hair salons in central Sweden, he worked in the technology industry for more than eight years, including as a sales developer at MediaMarkt in Stockholm, Uppsala and Valbo. Common to all the jobs Hille has had are the opportunities to meet people and network – something that has also meant many business cards both left and received.

– As a person, I love networking, and hand in hand with that, I was keen to do something of my own. I started thinking about how to digitise the business card and started sketching out a solution with my friend Rasti Faradji who is a developer. In the digital world, there are all kinds of possibilities. Digito was born and it is not only a digital business card but also a sales tool and a marketing platform. We tailor solutions to the customer and the information they want to share.

Work on the service has been going on for about two years, and a lot has happened since its launch. Covid-19 and all the missed face-to-face meetings have made many people realise the need. In this case, the pandemic has probably had a positive impact on the business concept.

– Our digital meeting solution has proven to be incredibly popular. Our users are getting their information out to several people at once,” says Hille.

So what is, and how does, Digito work? Well, it’s a web-based service where you can tailor which contact details you want to share (such as email address, website link, LinkedIn profile, Instagram account and more). Once you enter the information you want to share in the interface, a QR code is created that can be scanned through the camera function of any mobile phone. The person who scanned your code can then instantly see the information and data you shared on their phone. The person then chooses which of the details to save, which are then automatically entered into the phone’s address book, for example, or added as a follower on Instagram, for example. The service can also be used as a sales tool for companies, for example, who can choose to include current campaign links in the information shared, as well as a platform for aggregating a company’s digital channels and media.

A sharp version of Digito has already been launched and customers range from large corporations to small businesses. One of Digito’s quick successes, Hille believes, is that it has not niched itself to any specific industry, but rather works with categories of customers; businesses, individuals and influencers. Like all companies Movexum works with, there is a strong sustainability focus in the company.

– For every new client that signs a contract, we have a partnership with the organisation Ecotree, which means that they plant a new tree. Using Digito instead of traditional printed business cards can save eight million trees annually.

Digito currently consists of Hille and co-owner Rasti. The next step in the company’s development is to expand the team with a sales organisation. Both Hille and Rasti have full-time jobs, and although at the time of writing they are not ready to give them up to go full-time, they are confident about the future of Digito.

– I’m absolutely sure it will fly,” says Hille. There are currently five million people employed in Sweden. If we can get just one percent of them to use Digito, we’ll be huge. And when we become the biggest in Sweden, we’ll take the Nordic countries and then the rest of the world.

So in five years …

– … we’ll be the biggest in Sweden in terms of providing a market platform where people and companies can gather all their information.

What are your personal motivations?

– It’s being an entrepreneur. I’ve dreamed of it before and felt that in recent years I’ve stalled a bit in my personal development. Now I get the chance to do something of my own that I believe in which is crazy fun and driving. I love having many balls in the air, it suits me like a glove.

What do you hope the collaboration with Movexum will bring you?

– We signed up at the turn of the year but we already feel after such a short time that we get a completely different perspective, a helicopter perspective, on the company and the business. In addition, it is also developed for me as a person. All your coaches are sitting on great experience which is an asset, as is the cooperation with all the partners. I would highly recommend you to new companies and startups.


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