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Digital transformation: the importance of the internal

Two tips for successful digital transformation are to set KPIs and to allow employees to avoid time-consuming tasks.

Digital transformation is part of every business conversation. Which company today could continue to move forward without having completed this major project? No company. All sectors, even the most traditional, have taken the digital turn. But a successful digital transformation requires a certain method.

A large majority of companies, whatever their size, have taken the problem in reverse: they have rethought the external, the tools, the processes directly linked to customers, but have neglected the internal. In the offices, or on video, people work as before, in silos, without adapted digital tools.

Set KPIs to estimate ROI

These companies wanted to focus their approach on what they thought would offer the most interesting ROI. However, those who succeed in their digital transformation are those who transform themselves from the inside, who revolutionize their way of working and collaborating.

The ROI of such an approach is obvious, provided that coherent KPIs are set. The easiest way to do this is to work in agile mode, using a work OS to define strategic objectives, break them down into tactical sub-objectives, implement the digital transformation, then measure performance and improve it by making data-driven decisions. All this while collaborating as much as possible with the different business divisions involved.

The KPIs to be set could be, in a non-exhaustive way:

  • greater transparency,
  • employee productivity,
  • absenteeism rate,
  • employee happiness,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • reduction of logistics costs,…

This internal improvement allows for operational excellence which is synonymous with maximum ROI.

Give people time to think

Above all, a better internal organization, limiting superfluous and time-consuming tasks, offers the possibility to take time to think again, to rise up, and thus in fine leaves more room for innovation.

This is ultimately the goal of the digital transformation and the digital revolution, to allow humans to do what they know how to do: think. IT tools are only there to help him and relieve him of some of his burden.

Much more than proposing yet another mobile application, the real digital transformation lies in a new organization of work, supported and accompanied by digital tools. In short, technology at the service of the human being.


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