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Destination Own: Real Estate and Travel Start-Up Redefining Property Acquisition

Janel Muhammad, Founder and CEO of Destination Own Real Estate and Travel company, had a vision to merge her love for real estate and travel into a unique business model. During a cruise to Bermuda, she noticed several for sale signs around the island, but due to the lack of a streamlined process to view properties, she was unable to explore them. That experience sparked the idea of hosting real estate tours and events for individuals and groups, thus, Destination Own was born.

Destination Own offers a range of services, including bespoke international real estate tours, international group tours, real estate tour add-on services for booking agents, community building networking events, and Destination Own Real Estate Excursions on both oceanic and river cruises. The company aims to match individuals with the properties of their dreams and educate them on the international transaction process to make it a smooth one.

Measuring Success

For Janel, success is measured in two ways: one, that her client/group has an amazing time, and two, that they have an understanding of all things real estate, relocation, and can see themselves settling into their potential new community. Janel believes that when a client buys a property, it’s just icing on the cake.

Plan of Action

To sustain and grow the business, Destination Own is targeting other travel professionals to give them the opportunity to host real estate days on their existing tours as part of their Agent Affiliation Program. By doing so, the company can host many tours at a time and expand its footprint around the world. Another significant step is working with cruise lines on a more official basis by adding Real Estate Excursions to their roster in 2023.


Destination Own has a unique process and offerings, making it stand out from the competition. While it can be compared to International Living and other companies, Destination Own goes much deeper and offers a one-of-a-kind experience by leveraging cruise lines as a platform to explore properties.

In the Media

Destination Own has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Fun Times magazine, and several podcasts through Podcast Row. The company primarily reaches out to travel agents, travel agencies, and cruise lines, leveraging the testimonials of past clients.

Meet the Founder

Janel Muhammad is an international realtor and travel consultant, a licensed realtor, holds a Certified International Property Specialist designation, is an IATA accredited travel consultant, and a member of several other affiliated associations. She helps clients find their vacation homes, dream homes, and investments in the destination of their choice so that they can live their wildest dreams in any corner of the globe.


Destination Own is redefining property acquisition through its unique blend of real estate and travel. With a focus on creating memorable experiences for its clients and educating them on the international transaction process, the company stands out in a competitive industry. As the company expands its reach through its Agent Affiliation Program and official partnerships with cruise lines, it’s only a matter of time before Destination Own becomes a household name in the world of real estate and travel.

Links to Destination Own

To learn more about Destination Own, you can visit the following links:


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