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Covid: Irish Aerogen’s technology for the world’s 1st spray vaccine

A Covid vaccine via aerosol? It’s not science fiction, but reality thanks to Ireland-based Aerogen, a world leader in high-performance aerosol drug delivery.

Aerogen announced a partnership with China-based CanSino Biotechnology Inc. to develop the world’s 1st Covid vaccine to be administered by inhalation.

After months of research and testing, the Galway-based company backed by Enterprise Ireland, the government’s trade and innovation development agency, the world’s 1st Venture Capital, is poised to revolutionize the fight against coronavirus.

Aerogen Solo is a single-patient, closed-system aerosol drug delivery technology that mitigates the transmission of infections. It is the only closed-loop system available globally, used in emergency departments and intensive care units to treat more than 14 million patients in 75 countries.

Aerogen and CanSinoBio are partners in the development and commercial supply for inhalation delivery of the new recombinant vaccine. Convidecia™ uses Aerogen’s patented vibrating mesh aerosol drug delivery technology.


The vaccine is inhaled directly through a nozzle into the patient’s airway. This technique mimics the natural infection pathway of the respiratory Covid-19 virus and can create additional benefits by generating mucosal immunity.

Interim results from Phase 3 clinical trials conducted by CanSinoBIO demonstrated that Convidecia™ has 95.47% efficacy in preventing serious disease 14 days after single dose vaccination.

Inhalation inoculation requires considerably less vaccine than injectable administration. The solution will enable large-scale population vaccination in an efficient, cost-effective and accessible way anywhere.

John Power, CEO and founder of Aerogen.

John Power, CEO and founder of Aerogen, said, “The world urgently needs an effective, low-cost, scalable and globally accessible solution for mass vaccination. The pioneering development undertaken by Aerogen and CanSino has resulted in a system that meets all of these requirements and with capacity for billions of vaccinations.”

Dr. Xuefeng YU, President and CEO of CanSinoBIO added, “Our partnership with Aerogen began in 2013 and for nearly a decade we have been working on drug delivery via aerosol. There is evidence that the vaccine via aerosol can stimulate mucosal immunity and significantly reduce the risk of transmission, which could be a solution to quickly build mass immune protection and accelerate the end of the pandemic.”

CanSinoBio is currently applying for commercial approval in China. Additional clinical trials are being prepared for other countries. Specializing in the research, production and commercialization of innovative vaccines, CanSinoBio already has 17 that prevent 12 diseases, including the new recombinant coronavirus vaccine (Adenovirus Vector Type 5) conditionally approved in 2021 and the meningococcal group A and group C conjugate vaccine (CRM197) approved in the same year.

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