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Copenhagen Fintech: Financial technology is also a strength in Aarhus

Although the fintech organisation’s name begins with Copenhagen, it has always been for all of Denmark. The competition is international, which is why it’s all about unity.

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Fintech has exploded in adoption and popularity. Neo-banks and digitised versions of the banking products we already know have been joined by brand new financial solutions and tools.

“Fintech is, of course, cool tech solutions that make life better for ordinary people and ordinary businesses. Innovation comes from many places: from big banks but increasingly also from startups. And there’s no doubt that Denmark has a strong position here – that goes for Aarhus too,” says Simon Schou, Chief Innovation Officer at Copenhagen Fintech.

Companies like Lunar, Aiia and Clearhaus already show the Aarhus fintech pound, and an undergrowth of startups and scaleups is emerging in the city. But for Copenhagen Fintech, it’s important that it doesn’t become a regional battle in Denmark, because the competition is international.

A unifying powerhouse

Users as well as players in the financial ecosystem – such as banks and insurance companies – are spread across the country. For Copenhagen Fintech, the task is therefore to bring together the threads in one national powerhouse for fintech.

Simon Schou, Chief Innovation Officer at Copenhagen Fintech.

“Danish fintech is a big international growth success, and one of the reasons is that we have been good at joining forces. From there, we have been able to network across – horizontally and vertically as well as nationally and globally. We see ourselves as the platform that wants to connect and create the networks it takes to succeed,” says Simon Schou.

The organisation runs the Copenhagen Fintech Lab community in Copenhagen, but that doesn’t mean all startups will congregate in the capital. In Aarhus, Clearhaus is creating a fintech environment where Anyday, Vibrant and Quickpay, among others, have already moved in – and Copenhagen Fintech is keen to support this.

A global enabler

Both Cardly from Odense, Subaio from Aalborg and Lunar from Aarhus have been part of Copenhagen Fintech since the organisation was created. And although the companies operate from different parts of the country, the goal of the fintech organisation is to put them on the international stage.

“Fintech is a very, very global game, and we’re focused on positioning both Denmark and the Nordics in that field. That requires a powerful organisation with the whole country behind it – and fortunately we have that through our strong partners,” says Simon Schou, adding,

“We have a wide range of programmes and activities for fintech entrepreneurs at all levels. We are always happy to engage with fintech projects – so you are always very welcome to reach out to me or one of my colleagues at Copenhagen Fintech.”

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