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Cool, local food on INTERSPAR shelves!

Innovative, healthy and high-quality products are invited to enter the SPAR Innovation Product Competition. The top twenty products selected from the entries will be presented at the OMÉK in the autumn, where the ten most innovative Hungarian food products will be decided.

Craft beers, home-made jams, special sweets, special soft drinks will become popularThere is a growing demand to buy them not only from producers or webshops, but also from our usual shopping places. But getting into the big supermarket chains is far from easy. SPAR wants to change this.

The recently launched HUNGARICOOL product innovation competition offers a showcase for those who have a product that is not only a good choice for the market, but also a good way to get a product that is also a good choice for the consumer.that customers would like to buy from the shelves of Hungarian stores because of its quality, novelty and uniqueness.
More specifically, if you have a novel food product, it can now easily be on INTERSPAR’s shelves.

The message of the chain’s competition, which runs until 23 August, is uniqueness, novelty and innovation.The message is uniqueness, innovation, high quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and environmental awareness. SPAR wants the competition to support businesses that are starting up or are about to enter the market with new product developments.The competition is intended to encourage new and emerging companies that have set themselves the goal of producing innovative products but do not yet have a broad market presence.

The top 20 will be shortlisted for the finals of the competition and ten products or product families will be selected at OMÉK, following a six-month mentoring programme, to be launched in 2020. From 23 April 2010, INTERSPAR stores will have the opportunity to showcase the hottest domestic products to shoppers across the country.

The professional partner of the SPAR HUNGARICOOL competition is the Agricultural Marketing Centre and the innovative event is organised by The Connect East Incubator, a specialist in Hungarian innovation competitions.

To register for the competition, please visit the official website, where you will also find all the information you need to enter.

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