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Combine TikTok with Instagram and YouTube. Mix well and get blinkoo!

Short videos, professional influencers, tales of authentic experiences and little-known places: this is the formula that gave birth to blinkoo, the startup that has created a vertical service that accompanies the user through all the stages of organising a trip.

This app brings together influencers, professional content creators and travellers to tell about places and experiences to live, behind the house or on the other side of the world, through short and meticulously categorised videos, navigable through an innovative system never before implemented on any other app.

blinkoo enhances the functionalities of traditional social networks and major review platforms to give users the tools to get inspired, plan a trip and book the desired activities following the advice of those who have already lived the experience and share it on video.

blinkoo is a sort of fusion between the short duration of TikTok videos, the entertainment of Instagram and YouTube and, finally, the best information you can find on Tripadvisor or TheFork

The power of video

The strength of blinkoo certainly lies in the videos, which are carefully and meticulously categorized to make them searchable and filterable through an innovative navigation system based on tags. For each video shared on blinkoo it is possible to know the exact geographical location (e.g. coordinates, city, region, country), the type of place described (e.g. hotel, church, historic building, museum) and the type of experience at the place described (e.g. exhibition, wine tasting, sightseeing). Video categories on blinkoo are added manually by the uploader, by internal reviewers and by artificial intelligence systems that analyze the content of each video uploaded.

Inspirational and informative videos even of lesser known places. Around 11 million people in Italy watch at least one online video a day, and of these 58% travel regularly and are interested in travel content. There is no doubt about the media power of videos, especially in a sector like travel. Thanks to the penetration of video in all corners of the world, even lesser known places can become known with blinkoo. blinkoo, in this way, can also support local economies. The videos can be shared by anyone because it is the travel experience, told by the protagonists, that is the main feature of an app like blinkoo.

About 11 million people in Italy watch at least one online video a day, and 58% of them travel regularly and are interested in travel content.

blinkoo in this way, enhances the local economies, the traditions of small villages that on the new app become unique experiences to live and discover. The videos can be shared by anyone because it is the travel experience, told by the protagonists, that is the main feature of an app like blinkoo.

Bread for influencers and content creators

blinkoo was born and developed within an ecosystem of influencers, content creators and online media actively involved in the project, professionals who base their online success on the valuable content they produce and the trust that people place in them. These encourage other people to follow their example, travel and share their experiences. The startup currently works with over 60 of Italy’s leading influencers and content creators in the travel industry, such as Marcello Ascani, Human Safari, Giovanni Arena, In Viaggio col Tubo.

The potential audience reached by the influencers and content creators present on blinkoo on major social media such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok is several million followers.

“blinkoo was born from the desire to simplify the decision-making process that people make online to organise a trip or to discover new experiences to live and activities to do, close to home or on the other side of the world. The path that leads a person to choose a destination and book a trip, the travel customer journey, can be very long, non-linear, fragmented and chaotic” says Smeraldo Meminaj, founder of blinkoo who in a short time has involved a large number of people around his project “There is a lack of a coherent and organized way to get inspired about destinations and what they offer. On average, an online user browses around 34 different sites and platforms in search of inspiration and useful information when organizing a trip, ranging from big social media like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to small sites of local institutions. The information found by searching online is fragmentary and partial, sometimes contradictory and not always reliable” adds Meminaj, “blinkoo adds value to all three main actors involved in the process: travellers and enthusiasts, professional influencers and content creators, tour operators”.

Smeraldo Meminaj, founder e ceo di blinkoo

Smeraldo Meminaj, founder and ceo of blinkoo

No one, to date, offers on the vertical market of travel experiences a service as structured and precise in the selection of results as that created by the depth of research provided by the categorization and multi-filter navigation system. The elements that make up the trip can then be booked directly, on the website of the partner that sells the service, or included in a customized package provided by a blinkoo partner agency and built precisely according to the tastes and preferences expressed by users by saving videos.

The blinkoo crowdfunding campaign

blinkoo is a particularly interesting startup that combines technology and highly disseminable content within a sector such as travel and tourism that absolutely needs innovation, but is able to offer important numbers in a framework of general development of our country and beyond.
Just in these days, blinkoo has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on the platform BackToWork. A very important collection with a minimum goal of 700 thousand euros reached in a few days and a maximum goal of 2.3 million. To invest and consult the information material just go to the dedicated page:

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