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Chalmers Ventures now invests in the portfolio company Detecht

Detecht is a portfolio company of Chalmers Ventures since 2018 and has grown in recent years to become one of the world’s leading motorcycle apps, offering a holistic approach to safety, navigation and community.

Detecht is working on a technology targeting motorcyclists in case of an accident.

Motorcyclists can download an app that includes a crash detection algorithm linked to the mobile’s sensors (Gyroscope, Accelerometer and GPS).

If an accident occurs, the app alerts and sends the location, driving direction, time and number directly to SOS Alarm // Image: Detecht

If the sensors in the mobile detect a driving pattern similar to a motorcycle accident, the alarm is activated and a message is sent to the contacts specified by the user.

Detech is also working with the emergency services SOS Alarm in Sweden for users who want extra reassurance. If an accident occurs, the app sounds the alarm and sends the location, driving direction, time and number directly to SOS Alarm.

With the help of the investment, Detecht will now continue to develop the business and technology.

– Detecht has taken a position as one of the leading apps for motorcyclists globally, says Louise Brudö, Investment Director at Chalmers Ventures. What makes Detecht unique is that in addition to app features such as smart route planning and community, it offers a crash detection algorithm based on research from Chalmers. Overall, Detecht’s app not only makes motorcycling more fun, but also safer. This, combined with a motorcycle market that is experiencing strong growth, made it natural for us to make a follow-on investment in the company.

– We are very excited to continue our journey with strong existing investors as well as some well-chosen new additions. With the new capital, we plan to accelerate our growth in strategic markets with the US and UK being among the largest. Furthermore, we will strengthen the product team in order to deliver on the market’s positive feedback and requests for new features, says Niklas Ohlsson, CEO and co-founder of Detecht.


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