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Carne Genuina goes overfunding and offsets an entire year’s worth of CO2 thanks to an agreement with Forever Bamboo

The startup that produces zero-impact quality meat has raised over 170 thousand euros and new investors are coming. “I’m very pleased with how the equity crowdfunding campaign on Opstart is going – comments Mattia Assanelli, CEO of Carne Genuina. Among the investors there are also two Italian farms: it is important to receive a recognition of our vision from those who do the same job. It is a clear signal that the Italian meat market cares not only about the quality of the product but also about its sustainability. In addition to the changing attention of consumers towards the environment, the priorities of producers are also changing”.

The recognition of the right value to the supply chain

The presence of breeders in Carne Genuina is important because it guarantees a correct distribution of value along the supply chain and fair compensation for those who breed. We are talking about a supply chain that has historically been marked by a lack of recognition of the value of production. It is enough to think about the fact that some production prices, such as those of meat or milk, in the last twenty years have not increased at all in proportion to the increase in the costs of raw materials for feeding and other management costs (ISMEA data). A situation that has been made much worse by the current stagflation. The costs of raw materials are now stellar and prices for families run, but the fees paid to farmers and breeders, as reported by Coldiretti, are not able in many cases to cover even the costs of production. “By collaborating virtuously among producers, we can finally actively counter this trend,” Assanelli emphasizes.

Together with his brother Simone, Mattia Assanelli founded Carne Genuina, on the strength of a family tradition that can count on the experience of three generations. In fact, the Assanelli family has been raising cattle in the lower Bergamo area since the end of the 19th century. When their turn came, the two brothers realized it was time to evolve. The Carne Genuina project, born in 2020, sells through the website both the meat produced by the Assanellis’ own herd and the products of a network of selected breeders, so as to reach all of Italy.

The sustainability of the entire supply chain is guaranteed by acareful selection of the farms involved, all family-owned, and by the great attention paid to packaging and transportation.

The agreement with Forever Bambù

Mattia Assanelli has made an agreement with Forever Bambù, a leading company in Europe for the planting of Giant Bamboo. “We decided to adopt 0.4 hectares of bamboo grove to confirm our choice of sustainability and attention to the Climate.”

Carne Genuina is the first company in the meat world to offset all the CO2 produced and more. Every kilo of meat that reaches the market corresponds to a release into the environment of about 25 kg of CO2. In 2021, the Carne Genuina farm, located in Treviglio (BG), produced 225 tons of CO2. After having installed photovoltaic panels on its entire structure, able to neutralize about 60% of the carbon dioxide produced and having planted 35 Baobabs in Kenya to offset the remaining 40%, Mattia Assanelli has entered into an agreement with Forever Bambù, a leading company in Europe for the planting of Giant Bamboo. “We have decided to adopt 0.4 hectares of bamboo forest to confirm our choice of sustainability and attention to the Climate, thus offsetting the CO2 we will produce in 2022. The adopted area will grow exponentially with the increase of our volumes and we expect to increase tenfold in about two or three years. Giant Bamboo, due to its botanical characteristics, absorbs 36 times more CO2 than any traditional forest. Moreover, Forever Bamboo is an Italian startup, just like us. We liked the idea, after the Baobabs initiative in Kenya, to complete the process of pollution offsetting on the Italian territory. Thanks to Forever Bambù we balance the greenhouse gas emissions of an entire year,” explained the CEO of Carne Genuina. “We are proud to help an Italian company and an ambitious project like Carne Genuina to get off on the right foot for a real sustainability” said Emanuele Rissone president and founder of Forever Bambù.Carne

Why invest in Carne Genuina

Born in 2020, Carne Genuina has today more than 2500 customers who order on its online platform, for a total of 30,000 monthly visits and an average receipt of €86 plus VAT. The offer of is enriched by the proposals of another 10 farms spread throughout Italy. In the near future of the startup there is a strategic exit planned for 2025, with the aim of reaching a turnover of 5 million euros and making positive profits from ordinary operations.

The online meat market is worth around 300 million euros (2020), a value that is growing and is set to increase rapidly. Prices, especially those of beef, after a downturn caused by the Pandemic, have been rising since last year, driven by a sustained increase in demand (Ismea data).

According to EIT Food (a company co-founded by the EU to invest in the sustainability of the food supply chain), sustainability ranks first in the top five trends that will drive the European food market. Food production will play a key role in discussions and decision-making processes on Climate Change. The pressure on food companies to move towards more sustainable processes will be enormous. Investing in Carne Genuina means betting on the first European startup able to offer zero impact meat.

To invest in Carne Genuina the link is:

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