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Avoid beginner’s mistakes: What to watch out for in a start-up business

What mistakes to avoid

If you go to bed every night thinking about going back to the unloved job the very next day, you should think about your career choice. After all, we have to spend quite a lot of our lives working. So why not do something that appeals to you?

Often, the right liquidity planning for start-ups is the only thing that fails. This should be at the top of the list when planning a start-up, because without sufficient financial resources and a decent amount of reserves, you won’t survive on the market for long. Once the security is in place, a good legal basis is indispensable. Again and again you read that you should only do what you are good at. If you don’t hand over legal matters to a legal adviser before you even register your business, sooner or later you will go under with your company at exactly this point. All it takes is one security breach in the digital domain and you are liable. It is therefore highly recommended to have a penetration test, or pentest for short, carried out on all of the company’s digital options. In this test, all web applications, apps and infrastructures of the company are checked for their security with the help of simulated attacks from internal or external sources. Costs are saved in the long term because network outages are minimised and security breaches are prevented. Hidden vulnerabilities are uncovered and remedied, so system failures become a rarity. Besides maintaining the necessary security standard, the good image of the company is probably the most important aspect that can be achieved through a pentest. This is because the feeling of security can, if necessary, retain customers and thus ensure the permanence of the company. By having the IT security certificate publicly presented by experts, entrepreneurs show transparency in their company and thus honest dealings with the customer. There are other mistakes that can be made when starting a business. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself beforehand instead of regretting something later.

Looking for the niche in the wall

If you have thought about the area in which you want to start a business, you should now look for a niche that has not yet been kicked to death. You want to open a café? What makes it different from all those that already exist? Find special drinks, a special location or special ingredients. Whatever you choose, stand by it and don’t make up something that isn’t true just to be seen in a better light. That always comes out sooner or later and backfires.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to go public with your company. What matters is that everything is properly prepared so that the company survives in the long run. If you are afraid beforehand that you won’t be able to cope with the lack of turnover in the meantime, you should wait anyway. Because then there will be a lack of capital. Self-employment is not easy and takes time if it is to be successful. It is therefore an important consideration whether you want to free up your time for this or whether you would rather look around on the job market for something that suits you more than what is currently bothering you so much. There is a job for everyone.

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