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Aula Poland for Ukrainian companies

The main topic of the meeting was “Ukrainian Startups”. The team responsible for the assembly hall invited to the speech founders of interesting technology startups, which due to the war moved their operations to Poland. Relocating their business in such a short time to another country is a big effort, and on top of that a huge responsibility not only for themselves and their family, but also for the people they still employ.

The idea behind the meeting is to give these companies a chance to present themselves, their achievements, and their nearest goals to the Polish startup community, of which they are now a part. However, all of this will take place in the spirit of Aula, so as always, participants will have the opportunity to learn something new, broaden their horizons. Especially since our speakers have something to share.

Additionally, the Foundation will donate all proceeds from ticket sales to the Startups4Ukraine fundraiser, and Ukrainian citizens interested in the startup world can register for the event for free (details below).

So who will be speaking at the upcoming Auditorium?

Lidiya Terpel – Skyworker

Lidiya is the co-founder and CEO of Skyworker, which she briefly describes as a “Tinder” in IT recruiting, or a matchmaking tool. Simply swipe to connect with a prospective employer. The simplicity of the platform has led to 25,000 users returning each month to search for their dream job.

Oleg Bolotnov – is a training platform for sales teams. Thousands of salespeople in their teams use it, both to train new employees and to improve the knowledge of their regular ones. The tool supports the flow of know-how among employees and has a real impact on sales results of teams that have implemented the platform in their company.

Vladimir Leshchenko – Getpin

Getpin started its way on the market as a marketing agency, which, over time, noticed the lack of proper tools to support end-to-end marketing and lead generation. That’s why they pivoted and created a tool to streamline the work of marketing agencies as well as businesses.

Iryna Andriushchenko – is a platform that supports internal communication in corporations. It keeps employees engaged across different teams and industries. From manufacturing, to railroads, to the technology sector. helps to easily share feedback, and has created a virtual assistant to help employees find relevant information.

Meetup details

April 20th 2022, 18:00

👉 Białostocka 22, Warsaw (near Galeria Wileńska)

Registration ->

The event will be held in English.

All Ukrainian citizens can register for the event for free, using a code referring to the popular words used towards the Russian warship by Ukrainian defenders: “IDINAHUI”.

Event schedule:

  • 17:15 – Registration opens
  • 18:00 – Welcome to the participants
  • 18:10 – Oleg Bolotnov (Gradual)
  • 18:25 – Iryna Andriushchenko (
  • 18:40 – Vladimir Leshchenko (Getpin)
  • 18:55 – Lidiya Terpel (Skyworker)
  • 19:10 – Feel free to join the discussion and networking

The event is organized by: Aula Polska Foundation is a media patron of the event


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