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ARX Secures €1.15 Million Funding for Autonomous Ground Vehicles Benefitting Defense and Civilian First Responders

In a recent development, ARX, a promising German defense technology startup, proudly announced the successful completion of a €1.15 million Pre-Seed funding round, with Project A Ventures taking the lead.

ARX specializes in the development and operation of autonomous Single-to-Multi-Use GEREON ground robots, catering to a wide array of applications. The overarching objective of ARX is to empower soldiers and civilian first responders to make informed decisions and execute more effective actions, particularly in high-stakes, life-threatening scenarios.

One of the prominent challenges faced by armed forces lies in the effective training of their personnel. Conventional training methods often prove inefficient and costly, conducted within unrealistic, static environments. ARX steps in with a groundbreaking solution – their robots can serve as intelligent mobile targets for live fire exercises and act as mission-critical assets in the field, adept at detecting and deceiving opposing forces by functioning as decoy and alarm devices.

These versatile robotic vehicles have a multifaceted repertoire, capable of simulating gunshot sounds, generating artificial fog, jamming drone signals, creating diversions with laser beams, and even serving as carriers for troop supply or mine detection.

Looking forward, ARX envisions a future where their AI-powered software enables robots to autonomously collaborate in swarms, offering mutual support in case of system failures.

In addition to military applications, ARX extends its capabilities to the commercial and civilian sectors, providing access to rugged terrains and facilitating the transport of mobile relays to disaster-stricken regions, thereby enhancing internet connectivity during emergencies.

Furthermore, ARX plays a pivotal role in bolstering perimeter security, as their robots can automate patrol services for critical infrastructure, installations, and serve as an early intruder detection and alert system for commercial ships.

ARX’s range of small to medium-sized autonomous robots is built upon a universal robotic platform, offering flexible add-on and payload solutions tailored to various security and defense-related scenarios.

Originating as a spin-off from the GEREON research project at the German Armed Forces University in Munich, ARX was co-founded by Marc Wietfeld (CEO) and Stefan Röbel (COO).

Wietfeld, an intrapreneur and active officer in the German Army, drew inspiration for ARX from his firsthand experience as an infantry officer. He has also led research initiatives in robotics and military IoT at the Cyber Innovation Hub and the University of the German Armed Forces. Röbel, on the other hand, transitioned from an army officer role to a tech executive, having held senior management positions at prominent companies such as Grover, Asos, and Amazon.

Marc Wietfeld emphasized the transformative potential of autonomous robots, stating, “Autonomous robots will revolutionize efficiency, safety, and 24/7 readiness in both civilian and military use cases. With ARX, we provide an autonomous dual-use robotic platform that is cost-effective and capable of fulfilling multiple roles while saving people’s lives. We have brought together a diverse team of military, research, and industry experts to develop software and hardware solutions that significantly enhance the capabilities of Western Allies.”

The initial units developed by ARX are currently undergoing rigorous testing with defense companies and the armed forces of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Estonia.

Project A Ventures spearheads the funding round, with plans to bolster the team, advance technology, and scale production capabilities.


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