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Artificial intelligence that treats cancer patients from a distance

Home treatment and dehospitalization are all the more necessary today to avoid the risk of clogging hospitals in times of Pandemic, especially for frail patients who have passed the acute phase of the disease. To facilitate dehospitalization, startup RiAtlas, a spin off of the University of Salerno, has launched an innovative technological solution, it is called RiAtlas Healthcare and it facilitates remote care and active monitoring for cancer patients, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence:

“The big theme in which our RiAtlas Healthcare solution fits is digital therapeutics – explains CEO Luca Romanelli -, that is, an inclusive and innovative therapeutic approach that exploits the potential of artificial intelligence. With Riatlas Healthcare we want to bring the patient and the specialist closer, providing them with the necessary support to facilitate the treatment path, with obvious advantages for the healthcare system in terms of quality of life, costs and appropriateness of care”.

Remote assistance for cancer patients

Already in the testing phase, RiAtlas Healthcare consists of a wearable device, a smartwatch that acquires the patient’s vital parameters in real time (such as heart rate, oxygenation, blood pressure, steps, etc.), an app for smartphones integrated with the smartwatch and a “clinical web app”, a “dashboard” that the doctor in charge can access at any time to assess the patient’s biomedical parameters and the course of treatment. Added to this is the element of artificial intelligence, which constantly monitors the patient’s health status, according to the ICF classification of the World Health Organization.

RiAtlas Healthcare is a scalable solution, the will of the team is to use it in the near future for the monitoring and treatment of other diseases: “RiAtlas Healthcare, which has been tested and validated thanks to the participation in research and development projects conducted in collaboration with the Istituto Nazionale Tumori – IRCCS Fondazione Pascale and the University “Vanvitelli” is the first application step of our solution, which can be used in any health field, to support precision medicine – continues Luca Romanelli -. We are collaborating with an important pharmaceutical company to support the management of clinical trials, improving adherence to therapy and promoting the active participation of the patient in his own treatment path. We have also collaborated on a telemonitoring solution for patients with neurological pathologies together with NeMo Lab (Centro Clinico Nemo) and we are carrying out a series of projects with other public and private healthcare facilities”.

The team includes experts in AI and Business Development. Already one million in funding raised

In addition to the experience of CEO Luca Romanelli, engineer, management consultant at KPMG for over 10 years, with a relevant experience in Business Development, Project and Change Management at research centers and companies in the healthcare sector, the startup is composed of a team of heterogeneous skills, such as those of Francesco Orciuoli, head of the research area, and associate professor of Computer Science at the University of Salerno, focused on computational intelligence and, among other things, member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. He is accompanied by the experience of Giuseppe Fenza, associate professor of Computer Science at the University of Salerno, who works in the field of Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Extraction to support decision making.

The board of RiAtlas Healthcare.

RiAtlas has raised funds to finance the development activities of the RiAtlas Healthcare solution for about 1 million euros, thanks to the participation in research and development funding calls, awards and start-up competitions. Profits were fully reinvested in the company and used for prototype development, clinical trials and staff recruitment.

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