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It’s 2021 and we live in a digital but also real, complicated world. We look back and marvel at how far technology and people have come – yet every step we take towards an even more optimal, practical reality surprises us. An industry that had not necessarily been looking for upgrades at the moment is taking a big step forward.

The company Sapera offers us a quantum leap in the quality of digitalization. Sapera has created a digital marketplace for agencies and consultancies. The vision: to make the best services available to anyone, anywhere, with just a few clicks. How to do it. Your company has a problem in the areas of communication, branding, data and/or transformation and you contact Sapera to be offered the right, holistic service. The platform delivers pre-built, data-driven solutions to the most common business challenges at fixed prices.

Christopher Wynes, CEO of Sapera, explains, “We work with data to find simple solutions to complex business challenges. Using this, we design suitable offerings, which we offer in packages with transparent processes and prices on our marketplace. Along for the ride are our partners, whom we carefully select to implement our service at the same high level worldwide.”

It’s a service that inspires – and one that agencies can also apply to join. Current partners of the platform are explain, aserto:, the Gerhard agency and sapera_studios.

Clients like Lufthansa, Arte, the Bertelsmann Group, National Geographic, & die ZEIT have convinced them with their data-driven creativity: For Arte, the conglomerate put together a multimedia scrollingtelling story about the path of electronic waste, for Die Zeit there was a target group analysis.

Data & creativity in harmony: the teams even record the data from their workflow; to constantly improve themselves and the actual services with the help of algorithms.

“Actually amazing that the great idea of a digital agency network in this ideal form has not been implemented yet. We are happy to contribute our evidence-based perspective on the current challenges in the fields of marketing and communication and to create added value for customers with the expertise of the other partners,” says Prof. Dr. Lars Harden, CEO of aserto.

The platform also offers an interactive service: Those who prefer to learn how to solve problems themselves can book a Solution Discovery Workshop – a solution discovery workshop – directly with Sapera. Three hours later, you and an eight teammates will have analyzed everything under guidance and learned valuable strategies.

What it means. At Sapera, every company need finds an answer:

Customers who know exactly which solution fits their problem can choose directly from Sapera’s marketplace. If they are unsure, they can also use Sapera’s Wizard, the virtual assistant, to find suitable solutions.

Those who prefer to have their needs analyzed and structured in a personal consultation can do so through the Solution Discovery Workshop.


More networking, more idealism & seeing every day as a new beginning are building blocks to still start an all-around renewal with a startup even in a more conventional industry. Sapera shows how minds from all over the world can collaborate and optimize processes.

And which industry would you like to improve?

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