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Almi Invest invests in Zigned for e-signing

Almi Invest invests SEK 1.5 million in Zigned, which has developed a simple and cost-effective service for e-signing of documents.

In the issue of just over three and a half million, private investors are also participating. The money will be used for expansion and technological development.

Zigned describes itself as the easiest and most accessible e-signing service on the Swedish market. Zigned offers anyone to sign contracts electronically at any time for only SEK 10 per document. Since its inception, the company has developed a number of services for different needs with the help of its customers.

Contracts signed in the traditional way, i.e. physically signed with pen on paper, take on average three days to be signed by all parties. With e-signing, it takes just three hours. Many large companies have already realised this and have started to implement it throughout their organisations. For small and medium-sized companies, it has often been too expensive and too cumbersome until now.

Zigned has a solution to suit all organisations with the ambition to deliver the most accessible and frictionless e-signature solution on the market. The company’s vision is to: “Signing and administering contracts digitally should be as easy as using a pen and stamp”.

Zigned team. ludvig Edstrom and David Jurio

– Digital contracts are becoming more and more common and here Zigned has great growth potential both linked to the market at large, to the company’s unique positioning and viral business model. The company is well positioned to succeed with its commercial plan and this will create strong value growth, says Pär Lagerström, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

– We are very happy that Almi Invest has chosen to invest in us, says Ludvig Edström, CEO of Zigned. Now we will be able to continue taking steps towards introducing Zigned to the masses and attracting a large number of users and customers.


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