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The AI Hackathon, Talents on AI, is scheduled to be held in Kyiv from May 12th to May 14th, 2023.

The AI Hackathon, Talents on AI, is scheduled to be held in Kyiv from May 12th to May 14th, 2023.

In January, the defx team launched @chat_openia_bot, which used the OpenAI API and was available to Ukrainians without registration. During this time, they processed more than 200,000 requests, and more than 600 people joined the Open AI Early Adopters Telegram group. Defx is proud to have given Ukrainians the opportunity to “start” with ChatGPT without delay, along with the rest of the world.

This community consists of a diverse group of individuals ranging from seasoned professionals to novices exploring the potential of technology. Recent technological breakthroughs and emerging services are changing the way things are done. Sometimes, those who have been working in AI for a long time may be hindered by traditional thinking. This provides an opportunity for those who have recently learned about data science and machine learning to prove themselves.

The aftermath of the war has caused many Ukrainians to lose their jobs, but it also presents a chance to discover new opportunities. Adapting to new rules and exploring new fields is necessary, not just in Ukraine but all over the world.

My heart bleeds when I talk to a bartender or a hookah worker and find out that they are a university graduate, a master’s degree holder. AI is a real tool for such people to unleash their potential

says Stanislav Podyachev from, co-organizer of the hackathon.

On the one hand, many companies recognize the advantages of AI and are willing to pay highly skilled professionals thousands of dollars to stay competitive. Such investments are justifiable as they can improve business efficiency, increase sales, and expand into foreign markets.

On the other hand, a hackathon offers a unique opportunity to connect developers and companies in the same location and time, providing employment opportunities for specialists at various levels. For companies, it presents a chance to present their problems as challenges and reward winning solutions. Moreover, sponsoring a hackathon allows a company to showcase its innovation and knowledge of current trends.

“Well, in simple words: the salary of a specialist, for example, is $2,000. The company needs three workers. Recruiters take half the salary—that’s $3,000 for three people. Why not give a prize of at least $2,000 and advertise your company at the same time?”

Stanislav Podyachev

The hackathon format provides a collaborative platform for tech-savvy individuals passionate about AI and sponsors interested in fostering new ideas, products, and services. Our mission is to facilitate an environment that brings together talented developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

Valuable ideas aren’t always obvious, which is why we’re seeking co-organizers who want to support the hackathon. Sponsors will have the opportunity to engage with talented participants showcasing interesting AI-related cases, as well as demonstrate their company’s commitment to innovation and support for local and global tech communities.

As an example, consider Netflix’s journey. Initially a DVD rental service, Netflix may have met the same fate as their competitor Blockbuster, which went bankrupt in 2010 due to the competition, had they not embraced modern technologies in time. In 2007, Netflix launched their streaming service in response to emerging streaming services like YouTube, and they certainly did not lose out.

Talents on AI Hackathon will provide an opportunity to cover three important aspects:

  • Gain valuable contacts and talk about your company’s work: mentors will have the opportunity to communicate with participants, and jury members will evaluate projects.
  • Headhunting: sponsors and partners can find and hire the best specialists among the participants.
  • Global mission: opportunities for the Ukrainian AI community and the development of Ukraine.

The people and the person that invented refrigeration made some money. But most of the money was made by Coca-Cola, who used refrigeration to build an empire. And I view these large language models as refrigeration. But Coca-Cola has yet to be built, and those are the companies that are really going to monetize it.

said Chamath Palihapitiya (SPAC sponsor, founder and CEO of Social Capital) in one of the podcasts.

This hackathon has the potential to be a truly transformative event. Everyone looks forward to the incredible ideas and projects that will emerge from it. If you are interested in sponsorship or partnership, please contact the hackathon organizers at [email protected].

Let’s change the world together!


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