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7 Aarhus startups you should keep an eye on

The startup ecosystem in Aarhus is booming – across sectors and stages. We’ve rounded up 7 of the most exciting startups right here!

Turn your phone into a payment gateway

Vibrant | Founded 2020

With one app alone, fintech startup Vibrant turns any smartphone into a payment gateway.

It makes it easy for any type of business to take payments without having to invest in expensive gear first. At the same time, Vibrant integrates with various accounting applications, making it easy to transfer payment data into the accounts.

Former Lix co-founder Kasper Enggaard Krog is at the helm of the start-up, and the company’s ambitious goal is to reach 250,000 users within three years.

The World of Warcraft killer from Aarhus

Bright Star Studios | Founded 2018

Ember Sword will be the first game from the Aarhus-based game developer, and its mission is to challenge the giant World of Warcraft (WoW) as the top title in the MMORPG genre.

The CEO is a former WoW pro, and the studio has a few technical firsts up its sleeve: the game can be played from any browser, so anyone can access it; with an AI-powered gamemaster, the game should be more engaging; and they’re using blockchain technology to give the game an open economy.

The latter has allowed the developer to sell and receive pre-orders for in-game digital properties worth €1.2 billion.

Mind you

, before the game is even released.

Easy resale for fashion brands

Greate2Stay | Founded 2021

Create2Stay wants to make shopping circular by making it easy for fashion brands to enter the resale market without all the hassle.

When customers are done wearing their clothes, they simply send them to be rebranded instead of throwing them away. From there, the start-up takes care of the whole process of returning and reselling to new customers – including handling, cleaning and shipping.


allows fashion brands to extend the life of their goods – while looking to a greener future


Make customer conversations an asset

Capturi | Founded 2020

AI startup Capture enables companies to listen to all their customers at once using software that analyses the conversations.

Unique insights can be extracted from the conversations: What do customers think about products, what do they think about competitors, and what needs to be done to create a better dialogue?

Capturi automatically translates the insights into measurable data in a GDPR-friendly way, which has already won them clients like Coop, Lunar and JP/Politikens Hus.

An on-demand platform to learn Danish

Swap Language | Founded 2017

The startup ecosystem desperately needs foreign talent, but it’s hard to move them to Denmark. The barrier of the strange Danish language is particularly high, and many Danes are eager to speak English as soon as they get the chance – making it extra difficult for foreigners to learn the language.

Swap Language offers Danish lessons on demand based on motivating real-world scenarios such as public transport, the Danish labour market or shopping in the supermarket.

Services are offered as self-study, but where the startup really makes a difference is in collaboration with large organisations and companies, where they already have clients like Normal, Aarhus University and Bestseller.

No more food games and canteen queues

Kanpla | Founded 2019

Kanpla wants to reinvent the canteen experience by adding a digital layer to the recipe, allowing customers to pre-order and pay for their canteen food directly in the app.

For canteens, Kanpla’s SaaS platform includes tools to minimise food waste, digital sales channels and valuable data on how to optimise the business.

The startup currently helps 300 canteens in Denmark, and accelerator and investor Accelerace has named them as one of the “most likely to become a unicorn.

From food games to protein

Enorm | Founded 2016

Humans, fish and pigs all increasingly require protein, and insects an obvious place to look if you want to source more protein sustainably.

Enorm has been doing just that for several years, and today operates its own biofactory, where food waste is turned into fibre and valuable protein with a little help from caterpillars.

And looking to the future, insects are likely to be a valuable protein source for a host of business models across the food sector.

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