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5 homepage construction kits, ideal for startups

Sooner or later, every startup must have a website. In any case, but especially if it is a startup in e-commerce, a well-functioning website with a high usability course is essential for the success of the company. For this reason, you will now find 5 homepage building kits to help startups build their website quickly, easily and yet professionally.

Top homepage building kits for startups

  • Domain Factory
  • Jimdo
  • webnode

Domain Factory

The first provider in the test is the domain construction kit Domain Factory and belongs to the leading web hosting companies in Germany. The construction kit of course offers various templates and over 100 design templates for the potential homepage. The software can be tested “risk-free” for 60 days and can be cancelled monthly at any time. The individual templates are also tailored to the individual industries and specifically categorized. A simple menu design and navigation ensures that the program is highly usable. In addition, the company is headquartered near Munich and advertises 15 years of experience and 200,000 satisfied customers.


  • Subscription: 9,99 €/month
  • Domain price: 0,99 €/month (from the 2nd year)
  • Upgrade online store package: 19,99 €/month


Jimdo is one of the most popular homepage building kits currently available on the market. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, Jimdo is highly beginner-friendly, thanks to building systems of varying complexity, and on the other hand, the software meets professional standards at the same time when it comes to website design. The fresh designs can be supplemented with controlled, secure legal texts (for an additional fee) and an associated mobile app is also available with Jimdo. The company’s customer service is always available to help in German and provides answers to any questions. However, it should also be mentioned that the software can only be purchased with a minimum contract period of 12 months and unfortunately does not have WordPress integration.


  • Start package: 12 €/month
  • Grow package: 19 €/month
  • Grow-Legal package 26 €/month
  • Unlimited package 49 €/month

Another well-known homepage builder is This option also offers creative and innovative design templates. In addition, there are separate editor programs for both beginners and professionals. The operation of the construction kit is designed to be simple and straightforward, so that users can design their homepage without any problems. In addition, there is a helpful tutorial to assist in creating the homepage and an associated mobile app. The minimum contract period of is one month and there is also a free plan. Looking at the disadvantages of the program, it should also be fairly mentioned that no local backup is possible with this provider and the hosting is located outside the EU, which means that the customer service is mostly in English.


  • Business Basic 20,23 €/month
  • Business Unlimited 30,94 €/month
  • Business VIP 41,65 €/month


Webnode is a homepage construction kit, which shines especially with the simple start through tutorials for the users. The hosting of the program is located in the Czech Republic, so it is within the EU, and also offers the possibility of local backups. There is also an offer for a free plan, but if you enter into a contract, the minimum term is 12 months. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for the construction kit.


  • limited: $3.90/month
  • Mini: 7,50 $/month
  • Standard: 12,90 $/month
  • Professional: 22,90 $/month


Last but not least: IONOS, a homepage construction kit under the umbrella of 1&1. The program offers countless design templates, photos and inspirations for the targeted, finished website. The hosting of the web hosting company is located in Germany and thus offers both English- and German-speaking customer support. Moreover, IONOS has an associated mobile app and offers users a versatile and complex editor with numerous options for visitors. However, the program is not available via a free plan and does not offer local backup.


  • MyWebsite Now: 1€/month (from 2nd year 9 €/month)
  • MyWebsite Now Shop: 1 €/month (from 2nd year 19 €/month)
  • List Local: 5 €/month (from 2nd year 20 €/month)



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