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Workfully Secures €1.2 Million Funding to Transform Recruitment in the New Economy

Barcelona-based Workfully, a pioneering recruitment and upskilling startup, has successfully closed a €1.2 million seed round, led by Indico Capital with participation from international funds like Pitchdrive and Secways Ventures, among others.

Armed with this new capital injection, Workfully aims to intensify its product development efforts and advance its growth initiatives. The ultimate goal is to empower recruiters worldwide, enabling them to work independently with unparalleled flexibility while better serving the dynamic job market.

Founded in 2021, Workfully is on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment landscape and establish itself as the creator platform for a new recruiting economy. Unlike traditional marketplaces that eliminate the recruiter as the middleman, Workfully takes a radically different approach by building a platform around recruiters. This empowers them to independently grow, engage, and monetize vertical talent pools. Workfully’s technology allows recruiters to launch their own digital recruiting agency without the challenges of client acquisition, LinkedIn fees, or marketing in a fiercely competitive environment.

Valerio Rossi, CEO, and co-founder of Workfully shared the vision: “We believe that building a recruiting business in the future will look much more like being a content creator: starting off on a platform like Workfully, building an audience and then monetizing that audience in-platform.”

This approach offers companies seeking highly demanded talent a diverse pool of relevant recruiters from around the globe, enabling scalable and efficient recruiting. Through shared data sets, market analysis, and in-country expertise, companies can hire faster, more efficiently, and with greater transparency.

Workfully also functions as a decentralized recruitment and upskilling marketplace, allowing companies to hire and upskill talent ranging from entry-level positions to the most specialized executive roles globally.

Stefano Tacconi, CCO, and co-founder of Workfully, who left his job at Google to embark on this venture, emphasized the company’s broader mission: “The company aims to not only empower recruiters to place senior candidates into enterprise companies, but in some cases to give high potential candidates with no technical skills the training needed to access higher-paying positions.”

During 2022, Workfully experienced organic growth, securing significant deals with enterprises and VC-backed unicorns such as FreeNow, TravelPerk, Blackberry, Lamborghini, and Accenture. These partnerships enabled these companies to scale their recruitment operations globally. Notably, Workfully facilitated the hiring of about 100 candidates from underrepresented groups who were upskilled to join well-known tech companies.

With the latest funding round, Workfully is poised to extend its impact further, helping more companies acquire the talent necessary for business success.


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