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t7berlin: A Sustainable Fashion Startup Revolutionizing Knitwear Industry

Larisa Pitkevich, founder of t7berlin, is on a mission to change the fashion industry by creating sustainable and eco-friendly knitwear products. Based in Berlin, t7berlin is the only brand worldwide to use Zero Waste 3D knitting technology, providing customers with truly sustainable seamless knitwear products.

Sustainable Manufacturing Process

t7berlin’s manufacturing process is sustainable and zero-waste. The technology used in their manufacturing process considers the three-dimensionality of the human body, allowing sweaters, pants, and dresses to adapt to the individual body’s shape like a second skin, providing unparalleled comfort. The company works plastic-free and only uses certified natural yarns that can be easily absorbed by nature in a short time without causing damage.

Locally Produced and Delivered

From yarn to labels, t7berlin produces everything locally in the EU and has short delivery routes to minimize CO2 emissions. The company also works with EU-based manufacturers only to help secure jobs in factories and protect craftsmanship.

Expansion Plans and Focus for the Future

Pitkevich’s dream is to see a t7berlin store on every main street of each city and knitting fabrics everywhere, with a worldwide e-commerce presence. For the next five years, t7berlin is focused on developing a range of summer products and a kids’ assortment.

Differentiating Factor and Competitors

The brand’s biggest differentiating factor is its unique 3D knitting technology, which adapts to the specific body shape of the person wearing the piece, providing exceptional fit and comfort. While there are many knitwear brands worldwide, t7berlin’s sustainability and exceptional fit and quality make it stand out. In fact, 92% of their customers return to purchase more after their first buy, indicating the company’s unparalleled value proposition.

Links to t7berlin’s website and Instagram page are provided for interested individuals to learn more about the brand and its products. With the current global focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products, t7berlin’s innovative approach to knitwear manufacturing is a much-needed solution in the fashion industry.

Links to t7berlin

To learn more about t7berlin, you can visit the following links:


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