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Swiss Startup Mimic Aims to Revolutionize Robotics with AI-powered Humanoid Hands

A group of researchers from ETH Zurich is shaking up the robotics industry with their startup, mimic. They’ve secured €2.3 million in funding to develop the first commercially available robotic arm with human-like hands powered by generative AI.

This innovative approach stands out from the traditional, purpose-built robots dominating the US market. Mimic’s robots boast a universal robotic hand that can be attached to existing industrial arms. Here’s the real kicker: their AI can learn and imitate any human action simply by observing it.

This technology tackles a major challenge – the global labor shortage. Mimic’s robots are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, taking over repetitive and demanding manual tasks in various sectors – from supermarkets and factories to labs and pharmaceutical companies.

“Mimic’s robots will be powered by a foundation AI model, meaning they will be able to reason and understand the physical world,” explains co-founder Stefan Weirich. This translates to robots that require minimal training and no complicated programming, making them highly adaptable and cost-effective.

Mimic isn’t aiming to build a full humanoid robot, but rather focus on the crucial element – the hand. This allows for a more practical and affordable solution, addressing the “gap of tedious tasks” often left unaddressed by traditional automation.

The future looks bright for mimic. With the robotics market projected to reach $38 billion by 2035, mimic is well-positioned to become a major player. Their focus on real-world application and collaboration with industry leaders will be key to their success. The coming months will see them refine their technology for a much-anticipated product launch later this year.


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