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Latvia raises more than €1 million for the future of music education

As the new school year begins, the Latvian music learning app has attracted more than €1 million in investment. Already, around 450 schools around the world are becoming monthly users of the app, and the investment will allow the company to grow even faster.

The app, which is shaping the future of music education, was created in Latvia with the aim of inspiring more young people to get involved in music. The online app helps teachers to inspire young people in music lessons through popular music songs. “It’s much easier and more exciting to teach music theory if you can show a real example of how the music you listen to every day is constructed. With, young people can then learn popular music songs on different instruments,” says Tom Gale, CEO of

Investors have also welcomed the app and its necessity, investing a total of €880,000 in the company in this investment round, with Iron Wolf Capital becoming the lead investor in this round. In addition, 12 private investors from Latvia, Sweden and the US, as well as LearnLaunch Accelerator (US), a leading education accelerator, and Fast Track Capital, a Swedish accelerator fund, have also invested. is currently used in more than 15,000 schools in 117 countries. About half of the app’s users are in the US. In addition, more than 450 new schools sign up to every month. This year, the mobile version of the app was also launched due to the rapid growth in demand.

As Tom Gale, CEO of, explains, the app is not exclusively for young people. “Our app helps beginners to learn the ukulele, piano and soon the guitar. Learning a new musical instrument is made better and more fun by both popular songs and our unique technology, where an artificial intelligence robot adapts the learning experience to the taste and speed of each individual. For example, the chatbot will help you find the most appropriate song for each skill level, with which to learn a new chord on the ukulele or another skill. Perhaps in a pandemic, when many people are looking for new hobbies and ways to fill their time, can help them acquire new skills. The app is currently available for Apple iOS users and an Android version is coming soon,” adds T. Gale.

The idea for originally came to founders Tom Gale and Lauma Kazaka at a private music school Tom had set up. Thinking how to inspire young people and facilitate the learning process for both students and teachers, the first prototype of the app was created. As it turned out, there was no app in the world at that time that taught music to young people in schools using popular music that young people themselves listen to.

Before founding, Toms has managed technology products in leading Baltic companies, founded the first private music school for adults in Latvia, and consulted major Latvian companies on the implementation of Agile product development methodology. Lauma is a composer and music educator with more than 10 years of experience in instrumental and ensemble music making, and a PhD candidate in systematic musicology at Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music. Their extensive and practical experience in technology product development, marketing and music has enabled them both to quickly and successfully understand the needs of teachers and create a product that is highly appreciated by users around the world.


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